Kevin Castro  /  Profiles
The Musician’s Mindset (With Kevin Castro) – Pianote Podcast Episode #22
Pro pianist Kevin Castro reveals what it takes to play with names like Sarah McLachlan and JESSIA. Hint: It's more than being good at music.

Pianote  /  Articles
Top 10 Gospel Piano Songs (and How to Play Them)
With a few tools and skills, you can learn to play gospel piano songs like "Amazing Grace," "Oh Happy Day," "I'll Fly Away," and more.

Lisa Witt  /  Profiles
Demystifying Music Theory With David Bennett (Pianote Podcast Ep. #21)
David Bennett’s mini documentaries that explore the music theory behind popular songs are binge-worthy much-watches on YouTube.

Lisa Witt  /  Articles
How to Sing While Playing Piano: 5 Tips
Learning how to sing while playing piano isn't easy, but it's SO fun and is a super useful and beneficial skill.

Lisa Witt  /  Profiles
“Four Walls” by Lisa Witt: The Story Behind the Song
In addition to being a beloved YouTube piano teacher, Lisa Witt is an artist. Here's the story behind her original track "Four Walls."

Pianote  /  Guides
How to Play Pop Songs on Piano: The Pianote Guide to Pop Piano
A complete guide on how to play pop songs on the piano, including essential skills and ingredients as well as the history of pop piano.

Lisa Witt  /  Articles
Piano Practice Motivation: How to Keep Playing for Life
It's normal to lose motivation to practice piano from time to time. Here are some tips to keep playing for life.

Charmaine Li  /  Articles
Black History Month 2022: Black Pianists Who Have Made History
This Black History Month, learn about the personal stories and musical contributions of six accomplished Black pianists.

Charmaine Li  /  Articles
Romantic Piano Ideas for Valentine’s Day
This year, surprise a loved one with beautiful piano music and impress them with your skills! Here are some tutorials to get you started.

JesĂşs Molina  /  Profiles
There Is Always More to Learn (With JesĂşs Molina)
Known for his speed and improv, we sit down with JesĂşs Molina to discuss talent vs. discipline and how to overcome frustration at the piano.

Pianote  /  Articles
How to Successfully Learn Piano Online in 2022
Learn piano online: tips, tricks, and ways to make your time, money, and energy worth it whether it’s free tutorials or a subscription.

Victoria Theodore  /  Articles
Beginner’s Guide to Classical Piano
Classical piano is beautiful but can be intimidating for beginners. But you CAN play classical piano! Victoria Theodore is here to show you the fundamentals.

Charmaine Li  /  Articles
How to Achieve Your New Year Piano Resolutions (2022) 🎆
Most people give up their New Year resolutions, but there are ways to maximize your success. Learn how to reach your piano goals in 2022.

Lisa Witt  /  Articles
Beginner Piano Players: Start Here!
For beginners, learning piano is rewarding but it can also get overwhelming. We'll run through the key things you need to start strong.

Pianote  /  Articles
Top 10 Piano Lessons of 2021
Our top 10 piano lessons of 2021, as voted by fans like you!

Charmaine Li  /  Profiles
The Best Beethoven Piano Sonatas: What Every Pianist Should Know
Beethoven’s piano sonatas changed the history of music. Take a look at the stories behind the best Beethoven sonatas.

Victoria Theodore, Lisa Witt  /  Profiles
How to Love Practicing (With Victoria Theodore)
Professional stage pianist Victoria Theodore, who has performed with Stevie Wonder and Beyoncé, explains how to love practice.

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