Create Your Own Epic Movie Soundtrack On The Piano

Simple tricks to create a cinematic sound

I’ve always believed that life would be better if we could have a soundtrack playing at all times. While this might not possible or realistic,  I have found a way to create an epic soundtrack sound at the piano so you can create your OWN soundtrack behind the keys. This skill is based on a very simple shape. You don’t need piano experience or expertise to be able to play this and you will be able to create an epic cinematic sound. Sound too good to be true? Read on!


How It's Done

This trick is based on triads in the key of C. We are going to split up the work between our hands and the result will be beautiful. Before we begin you need to know how to create a chord or triad shape. A triad is built of three notes the 1, 3 and 5. If you place either of your hands on the piano in C position and play the notes that lie under your 1-3-5 fingers or 5-3-1 fingers in the left, you will be playing a triad


Let’s begin with our left hand. All you need to do is play the outer shell of a triad using your 5 and 1 fingers. For example, play C with your left hand 5 (or pinky finger) and a G with your thumb. Once you do this, lock that shape in and try moving it up and down the keyboard, playing white keys only until you get comfortable.

Add In The Right Hand


Next, we are going to complete our sound by playing the 3rd of this chord but with our right hand. Let's play C and G in our left and E in our right. The sound is beautiful! Now, keep that shape and move around the keyboard. Play the shell of the chord, beginning on any note with your left hand and fill it in by playing the 3rd with your right.  The resulting sound is beautiful and cinematic. Want to create a dark mood? Play lower on the keyboard and focus on minor chord shapes like Am and Em. Want happier sounds? Play higher up and focus on major chords like C, F, and G!

Experiment With Different Chords


You’ve really got to hear this to believe how beautiful and epic it can be. There is one chord which might need some attention, and that is the B diminished. Playing B-D-F sounds a bit 'crunchy' (dissonant is the fancy word). So it helps to bump that F up to a G, and suddenly you're playing a G chord with a B in the bass!


Watch the video and then have fun creating your own soundtrack for your awesome life.


Because deep down, we’re all stars who deserve a soundtrack :)

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