Piano Practice Hacks for Busy People

Finding time to practice when you are busy can be challenging. But don’t let it dissuade you! Being busy doesn’t mean you can’t learn! So with that in mind, here are my tips and tricks for fitting practice into a busy schedule. Follow these tips, and I guarantee you'll make practice progress...


1) Set reasonable practice goals


Take a look at your week. Decide how much time is reasonable to set aside for practice. The most important thing here is to be reasonable and honest about how much time you have to spend. If you only have 10 minutes a day that is just fine. The main point is that you make an effort to get to the piano each day. I aim for a practice 5 days a week. My practices range from 10 minutes to 1 hour.


2) Schedule it in


Write your practice schedule down in your calendar! You can even so far as to schedule WHAT you are going to practice. If you are very busy- you might schedule 10 minutes to practice scales on Monday. 15 minutes to practice a song on Tuesday. 5 minutes to practice triads on Wednesday etc. Make small, attainable goals and then write them down. This way you can ensure that you are covering all your bases throughout the week.


3) Make your piano accessible


If you have your piano in the deepest darkest corner of your basement the chances of you actually practicing are much more slim than if you piano is located in a high traffic area. If you have to walk past your piano numerous times a day, then you are far more likely to play it.


4) Touch your piano every day


This will help you to create a mind connection to your instrument. If you make a point to touch your piano, even just sit down at your piano on your busiest of days, it will create a point of intention. If you can touch your piano, you can sit down on the bench. If you are at the bench, maybe you could play scale… one thing leads to another. See where this is going?


5) Be prepared


Keep your music open and ready at the piano instead of putting it away when you are finished practicing. This will make it easier for you to practice! If you music is open and ready, it might just call to you and you might find yourself sitting down at your piano more often.


Hope these tips and tricks are helpful. I’d love to hear about YOUR practice routines. Please comment below.


Happy Playing!


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