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How To Play "Shallow" (Piano Song Tutorial)

Learn The Hit Song From "A Star Is Born"

Lisa Witt - Apr 12, 2019

Click HERE to download the lead sheet


A Star Is Born was one of the best films of 2018, and its main track, Shallow, was one of the hottest songs. It also created THE moment of the 2019 Oscars with an electric duet by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga that had everyone talking.


The song itself is full of emotion and is the pivotal moment of the film. Lady Gaga says the song is about communication and connection, and a man and a woman really listening to each other.


In this tutorial, we are going to teach you how to play the song using a lead sheet. A lead sheet contains the song melody and lyrics in the treble clef, along with chord notations for your left hand. Lead sheets are fantastic ways to learn improvisation in the left hand, and really let you put your own personality into the song. We’ve included a free download of the sheet for you as well!


The song has some quick, tricky parts in the right hand, so if it’s too much you can leave some notes out. And if you’re signing the song yourself, you don’t even have to play the melody, you can just play chords on the piano and sing the melody.


Good luck!


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