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Play The Theme From “Stranger Things”

Enter the Upside Down with this haunting theme

Lisa Witt - Aug 13, 2019

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It is one of, if not THE, hottest shows around right now. "Stranger Things" is in its third season, but the iconic theme tune has remained the same throughout.


It's a synth-driven piece of nostalgia harking back to the 1980s, and it's a lot of fun to play.


If you have an old synth - lucky you! But this tune sounds great on any piano or keyboard.


The Tune


The tune itself is very simple. It's based around a CMaj7 arpeggio, which then switches to a CMaj7/E arpeggio. If that sounds complicated, don't worry. In practice, there is only one note difference between the two riffs.


The man riff starts on C, and moves up the arpeggio to play the notes C-E-G-B-C and then back down. Then it just repeats again and again. In the left hand, play either a single note C or C octaves.


The Pattern Change


The only change from that CMaj7 arpeggio is when the progression moves to a CMaj7/E.


Straight away we know that we'll be playing an E in the bass because it comes after the slash.


But in the right hand, we are only going to change one note. And that is the stating C. We're going to drop it down a half-step and play a B instead.


So the arpeggio is now B-E-G-B-C. Again, we'll play that up and down and just repeat it, until the bass goes back to C.


There's No Strict Format


This tune is also played differently depending on where it's used in the show, so don't get so caught up on the timing of the chord changes in the left hand. It's really up to you when to change chords.


So that means you can play it for as long as you like, and make it your own.


Happy practicing! And stay away from the Upside Down.

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