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Lisa Witt  /  Improvisation
Use Your Piano To Reduce Stress
Try this creative exercise and use your piano to reduce stress. It's like a trip to day spa, in your own home

Lisa Witt  /  Improvisation
Sound Better At The Piano (Right-Hand Piano Fills)
Right-hand piano fills can transform your playing. Sound better on the keys with these 3 right-hand piano fills.

Lisa Witt  /  Chord Inversions
How To Practice Chord Inversions
Chord inversions are great. But you need to know how to practice them. Learn to practice chord inversions to play them with ease.

Lisa Witt  /  Improvisation
Create Emotional Piano Music
Create your own beautiful and emotional piano music with these simple tips. See how I approach writing and playing with emotion.

Lisa Witt  /  Beginner Songs
Feist – 1234
The perfect song for beginners - and it's a lot of fun!

Lisa Witt  /  Song Tutorials
Ludovico Einaudi – Nuvole Bianche
Be honest, it's the reason you're learning piano. Learn how to play this beautiful piece.

Lisa Witt  /  Song Tutorials
Billie Eilish – When The Party’s Over
Learn this beautiful Billie Eilish song.

Lisa Witt  /  Song Tutorials
Harry Styles – Falling
A haunting song about heartbreak. But only 4 chords!

Lisa Witt  /  Play Faster
Play Piano Faster
Everybody wants to play piano faster. But how do you do it? Here's a guided practice with tips and play-alongs to boost your speed.

Lisa Witt  /  Practice
The Ultimate Practice Routine
Practice is the time to get better. Use this routine to get the most out of your time so you see results fast!

Lisa Witt  /  Hand Independence
Play Piano With Both Hands
A beginner's guide to get your fingers to listen to your brain! These simple tips will help you gain confidence and the skills to play hands together.

Sam Vesely  /  Musical Genres
“Jazz Up” Your Piano Playing
Make anything sound jazzy with these simple tips

Lisa Witt  /  Reading Music
I Suck At Reading Music
I've always struggled to read music. In fact, I had to repeat levels because I never learned to read the notes. Here's how I changed...

Lisa Witt  /  Theory
4 Things EVERY Beginner Piano Player Needs To Know
Avoid frustration and guarantee success by knowing these 4 things...

Lisa Witt  /  Theory
Get The Most From Your Piano Practice
Stop wasting time and start seeing REAL results.

Lisa Witt  /  Scales
The ONE Thing You Need To Practice On Piano (And Why)
These chords will unlock a whole new world of musical understanding.

Lisa Witt  /  VLOG
Puppies and Pianos
Meet the newest (and cutest) member of my family! And watch as I introduce him to all the staff at Pianote.

Lisa Witt  /  VLOG
What’s Inside Pianote?
A sneak peek inside the Pianote Membership.

Lisa Witt  /  VLOG
Does Price Matter? (Cheap vs. Expensive Digital Pianos)
Is a piano better because it costs more? We put some to the test...

Lisa Witt  /  VLOG
Q&A With Lisa & Sam
Learn more about us. Which one of us HATES pineapple on pizza?

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