Lisa Witt  /  VLOG
I Played a Piano That Cost More Than a House! 🦋
The Fazioli Butterfly is a beautifully designed instrument that costs more than a house! Watch the Butterfly and other expensive pianos get played.

Lisa Witt  /  VLOG
Calming Keys: How the Piano Can Help You Feel GOOD
May is mental health awareness month. So today, I'm going to show you how to feel better by playing music. No previous piano experience required!

Lisa Witt  /  VLOG
Puppies and Pianos
Meet the newest (and cutest) member of my family! And watch as I introduce him to all the staff at Pianote.

Lisa Witt  /  VLOG
Inside the Pianote Membership
A sneak peek inside the Pianote Membership.

Lisa Witt  /  VLOG
Does Price Matter? (Cheap vs. Expensive Digital Pianos)
Is a piano better because it costs more? We put some to the test...

Lisa Witt  /  VLOG
Q&A With Lisa & Sam
Learn more about us. Which one of us HATES pineapple on pizza?

Lisa Witt  /  VLOG
Swimming in Synths With Mr. Tuna
An introduction to synthesizers and the people who play them.

Lisa Witt  /  VLOG
How To Achieve Your Piano Goals
Goals are important. They keep you on track. Here's how to make goals that will STICK.

Lisa Witt  /  VLOG
Kaitlyn’s Christmas Concert
See Kaitlyn's 1st ever public performance! She's been practicing and is ready to play.

Lisa Witt  /  VLOG
What’s Learning Piano Online REALLY Like?
Can you really learn the piano online? See Kaitlyn do it with Pianote and judge for youself!

Lisa Witt  /  VLOG
How To Choose A Piano
What to look for when choosing a piano.

Lisa Witt  /  VLOG
I’m Writing Piano Books
Check out the process of writing 10 piano books (and get your copy)

Lisa Witt  /  VLOG
How We Make Pianote Videos
Behind the scenes at Pianote. See what goes in to every lesson.

Lisa Witt  /  VLOG
Behind The Scenes At Pianote
A look at our studios and the people who make Pianote videos.

Jordan Leibel  /  VLOG
How To Choose A Keyboard
What to look for when settling on a set of keys.

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