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Your First Piano Chords

Jordan Leibel - Mar 13, 2017

Take your playing to the next level:


So you’ve just started your journey on the piano. As a total beginner on the instrument, your focus should be divided up into learning two fundamental concepts in music: scales and chords. In this video, you'll get the best chords that any beginner needs to know.  So many great songs have been written using just these chords!

The first chord to look at is the C major triad. The C major triad is comprised of three notes, C-E-G. You play this chord in the right hand with fingers 1-3-5.  In the left hand, naturally, you’ll play this chord with fingers 5-3-1.  

The next chord you should learn is the F major triad. The chord looks and feels very similar to C, but it’s built 4 notes up from the C major triad, comprising notes F-A-C.  

After that, the next logical chord to learn would be G major. The G major chord is simply one full-step about F major and is made up of notes G-B-D.  

The last chord to look at is going to sound quite different from these 3 chords you’ve just learned. That’s because it’s actually a minor triad, which sounds a lot darker, more somber than a major triad.  The first minor triad to learn is the A minor triad, made up of notes A-C-E. Be sure to listen to the distinctive sound of the minor triad next to the major one, as training your ear to distinguish between the two types of triads is one of the most important skills a pianist can develop.  

Now that you know these 4 chords, you can start to think a little about chord progressions. A good chord progression is one of the best tools in a songwriter’s arsenal for writing music. And with these 4 chords I’ve shown you, you have access to some of music’s most popular chord progressions! So experiment with mixing and matching these chords to create your own music, or listen out for some of your favorite songs that use these chords too!   

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