The Complete Pianote
Curriculum At Your Fingertips




Get ready to open up the only piano books you’ll ever need.

These 10 hardcover books cover the ENTIRE Pianote Foundations curriculum and will take you from never having touched a piano before, to improvising over jazz and creating your own beautiful chord progressions and melodies.

The stunning designs and color images help provide a clarity in your learning that’s hard to find anywhere else. When you can see and understand a concept better, you can remember it faster and start applying it to your own playing.

Plus you’ll get support and help from real teachers every step of the way to make sure you’re seeing the results you want.

Everything you need to get inspired, focused, and better at the piano.

Along with your beautiful books, you’ll also get access to a special online resource center full of bonus video lessons, exercises, and downloadable worksheets.

There, you’ll also have access to REAL teachers who can answer your questions about anything you come across in the books. You’ll never be left alone.

Click on any of the books to see a preview from Book 2 to see what they’re like inside!

Welcome To The Keyboard
Get to know the keyboard and learn all the notes. You’ll be playing your first scale in no time.

The Staff & Sight-Reading
Read music so you can play music. You’ll find loads of tips and practice resources to help you remember the notes.

Diving Deeper Into Core Skills
Take your skills up a notch with more advanced chording, chord progressions, and dynamics.

Key Signatures & Inversions
Start making your songs sound more musical with chord inversions. You’ll also learn new key signatures and ‘accidentals’.

Flats & Chord Shortcuts
Take those chords from bland to impressive with shortcuts to boost your chord transitions.

Understanding Minor Keys
Take the step towards becoming an intermediate pianist. You’ll learn the minor scales and some new rhythmic patterns.

The Circle Of 5ths
Unlock the secrets of the circle of 5ths to be able to figure out EVERY major and minor scale that there is.

Learning To Improvise
Learn how to take the fear and guessing out of improvisation and feel confident in your skills.

7th Chords & The Blues
The doorway to true musical freedom. Express yourself with the blues and learn how to improvise using the blues scale.

Intro To Jazz
Explore the world of Jazz with a popular jazz standard, and find out how to use jazz chords and modes to play your first solo.


What students are saying about Lisa & the Pianote Foundations book set.

"I've felt motivated to learn because of them."

The idea of having tangible course material to accompany the online lessons was such an appealing prospect; especially as I love to learn from books.

I have noticed a considerable improvement in both my practical skills and theoretical knowledge.

I cannot recommend them highly enough; they've brought structure and understanding to the whole process of learning the foundations of the piano. Most importantly though, they're a joy to follow. I've felt motivated to learn because of them.

Dominic Morgan

United Kingdom

The Complete Pianote
Curriculum At Your Fingertips



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