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The Beginner’s Guide To Playing Beautiful Piano - Normally $7

Start playing beautiful music from your very 1st lesson.

You don’t have to wait weeks or months until you can play the kind of beautiful piano music that inspires you.

This training course will guide you step-by-step to playing beautiful, soaring melodies. But you won’t just play them…

You’ll understand them. So you can start creating your own stunning pieces and sounds.

If you want your playing to sound more beautiful, this is the course for you.
500 Songs in 5 Days - Normally $99

Learn the skills to play 500 songs in just 5 days. You’ll learn how to build and play chords, chord inversions, as well as fancy riffs and fills to make you sound like a pro. Plus -- you’ll get downloadable chord charts for 500 songs that are yours to keep FOREVER! Perfect for the beginner who wants to play REAL songs as fast as possible, even if you’ve never touched a piano before.
Piano Riffs & Fills - Normally $99

Anyone can play a chord -- but what happens in the spaces between the chords distinguishes the great players from the mediocre ones. Fill those spaces with piano riffs that will make you sound professional, polished ... and close to perfect. This course is broken down so even complete beginners can start sounding amazing. You’ll be shown exactly how to play the fills -- note for note.
Piano Technique Made Easy - Normally $120

What does piano technique have to do with songs? Well, having good piano technique makes learning and playing the songs you love SO MUCH EASIER. After all, what are songs? They’re simply a combination of chords, scales, and arpeggios. So it makes sense that getting better at playing all of those things will make playing songs easier. Piano Technique Made Easy is the comprehensive guide for learning and perfecting your technique. Every scale. Every key signature. Every chord. You’ll learn them all.
Worship Piano - Normally $99

Master the skills to play modern worship songs and learn how to be part of a band. You’ll learn how to read worship chord charts, create beautiful background music, and how to be part of a worship team. Plus, this pack comes with your own band as a backing track, so YOU can join the band and play piano with other musicians. No prior knowledge or experience necessary. We start from scratch with this one.
De-Stupefy Your Left Hand - Normally $99

Your left hand is weaker. And that’s normal. Most piano players struggle with their left hand, and sadly, most just accept it. De-Stupefy Your Left Hand is your 3-step path to a better left hand. First, you’ll learn how to get your left hand to listen to your brain, so it moves when YOU want it to (and not whenever it feels like it). Then, you’ll start playing faster, more accurately, and with more control, as you put your left hand to work. And finally, you’ll discover how to transform your playing with beautiful and musical left-hand accompaniments that would have seemed out of reach at the beginning of the training pack. Yes, your left hand might be weaker… but it doesn’t have to be.
Faster Fingers - Normally $99

Increase your finger speed, strength, and accuracy with this complete digital training pack. Faster Fingers is your roadmap to success on the piano. You’ll be guided every step of the way with daily practice videos and encouragement, plus you’ll be able to play along with every exercise and record your speed. The metronome doesn’t lie -- you’ll be able to SEE how much faster you’re getting. As a beginner, some of the later exercises may be too difficult, to begin with, but you’ll find immense value in the early exercises, and it will help speed up your learning as well as your fingers.
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