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Learn the skills to play 500 songs in just 5 days, and then discover how easy it is to make them sound incredible. The Song Starter Kit combines lifetime access to these 2 popular training packs for just $49.

500 Songs in 5 Days - Normally $99
(Lifetime Access)

Learn the skills to play 500 songs in just 5 days. Our most popular training pack will equip you to be able to play nearly ANY popular song on the piano using chord charts.

In just 5 days you’ll learn how to build and play chords, chord inversions, as well as fancy riffs and fills to make you sound like a pro.

Plus -- you’ll get downloadable chord charts for 500 songs that are yours to keep FOREVER!

Perfect for the beginner who wants to play REAL songs as fast as possible.

Even if you’ve never touched a piano before.

Piano Riffs & Fills - Normally $99
(Lifetime Access)

Anyone can play a chord -- but what happens in the spaces between the chords distinguishes the great players from the mediocre ones.

Fill those spaces with piano riffs that will make you sound professional, polished ... and close to perfect.

Learn the secrets and tips to play fills that sound complicated and advanced, but are actually very simple to learn and start adding to your repertoire.

This pack is broken down so even complete beginners can start sounding amazing. You’ll be shown exactly how to play the fills -- note for note.