The fun way to start playing classical piano.

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A New Approach To
Classical Piano

Traditional lessons can be intimidating, competitive, and difficult.

It’s enough to make you want to quit. Or never even try to begin with. Because what’s the point of learning to play music if it isn’t FUN!

This course takes a different approach – One that’s fun, engaging, and stress-free so anyone can learn to play the piano.

Your 30-day guide to
Playing Timeless
Classical Music…

Learn to play 4 beautiful classical pieces from iconic composers, broken down into bite-sized videos and exercises to fit any practice schedule. Perfect for beginners who already know the notes on the piano and are ready to have fun learning classical music.

Your intro to classical piano
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Your intro to classical piano

Dive into your first classical lessons with a practical warm-up routine you can use every time you get ready to play piano, and start learning your first classical piece from the Baroque Era - “Burlesque”. You’ll be amazed at how fast you’ll be able to play this music!

What You'll Get
  • 5 videos (30 minutes total)
  • 11 practice exercises & assignments
  • You will be able to play “Burlesque”
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More than just the notes

Music from the Classical Era was defined by elegance, grace, question and answer song structure, and contrasting moods. In these lessons, you’ll learn the wonderful “Melody In C” which ties in all of these elements to make your playing really stand out.

What You'll Get
  • 3 videos (16 minutes total)
  • 9 practice exercises & assignments
  • You will be able to play “Melody In C”
More than just the notes
The romance of chopin
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The romance of chopin

It’s time for some romance! In these lessons, you’ll explore the Romantic Era and discover the immense passion and expressive playing that characterized the pieces from this period. You’ll play a piece by the famous Chopin and learn the finer techniques to make it sound beautiful on the piano.

What You'll Get
  • 3 videos (18 minutes total)
  • 8 practice exercises & assignments
  • You will be able to play “Raindrop Prelude”
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Classical Piano In The Modern Era

Classical music didn’t just end in the 19th century. Discover the modern style of classical piano with Victoria’s very own contemporary piano suite. You’ll learn about tension and release in classical music which will help you understand why pieces feel a certain way.

What You'll Get
  • 3 videos (25 minutes total)
  • 10 practice exercises & assignments
  • You will be able to play “Hazy Blue Sky”
Classical Piano In The Modern Era
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Bonus Pieces

Once you’ve completed all the lessons you’ll have the skills to play beautiful classical music on the piano, which means you’ll want to keep learning more! That’s why at the end of this course you’ll get 4 bonus pieces with downloadable sheet music:

A Morning Sunbeam

A Morning Sunbeam

Florence B. Price

Minuet In G

Minuet In G

J.S. Bach

Piano Sonata In B-Flat Major

Piano Sonata In B-Flat Major

Franz Schubert

Tempo Di Minuetto

Tempo Di Minuetto

James Hook

Everybody agrees...

Pianote is the fun way to learn!

“... a new approach to traditional lessons”
Keyboard Kraze
“Pianote is a really fun resource for those wishing to pick up tips and tricks and gain perspective.”
Yvette Young, Multi-Instrumentalist
“You should check out Pianote. If you’re a beginner or intermediate, this is ideal for you!”
Ali Spagnola, YouTube Entertainer
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Your clear path to
Learning Classical Piano
Guided Lessons
Guided Lessons

You’ll know exactly what to play and practice with our carefully designed step-by-step lessons.

Personal support
Personal support

Ask your biggest questions and get personalized feedback from teachers and connect with other students.

Practice Exercises
Practice Exercises

Each lesson will provide you with exercises to improve your playing and build your skills.

Free sheet music
Free sheet music

Get downloadable sheet music for 8 beautiful classical piano pieces.

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Classical piano
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Learn from a classically trained touring musician who has played with Beyoncé, Stevie Wonder, Prince, and Tony Bennett (to name a few).
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Depending on your location, it can be hard to find a teacher with the skills and experience to teach you what you want to learn.
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Learn at your own pace – anywhere, anytime. You can retake the lessons as many times as you like, with free downloadable sheet music.
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Learn when it suits your teacher, not you. Plus you have to drive across town to make a lesson, and what happens when you have to reschedule?
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Full access when you need it to expert piano teachers to answer any questions you may have. You’re not alone!
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No personal support in between lessons, meaning if you have questions or forget something, you’ll have to wait until your next lesson to get the answers.
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A friendly and supportive community to cheer you on as you learn (no scary recitals either). It’s your squad!
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No community support other than recitals where your fellow students are competing against you, rather than supporting you.
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One low payment and the course is yours forever! No ongoing fees or surprise costs. Plus all your music is included.
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Pay upwards of $60 for one in-person lesson a week (every week). Plus all your books and music will cost extra.
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Jump-Start Program

Personal Support For
Guaranteed Results

Join by June 17th & get our
classical jump-start program.

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    Meet your classmates. Get inspired and set up to succeed.
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    Keep on track with your progress and overcome any hurdles.
  • JULY


    How to sound like Chopin. A deeper look at his Romantic style.
  • JULY


    Putting everything together and celebrating each other’s success.
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Join by June 17th to get 4 bonus LIVE lessons that will keep you motivated as you learn! You’ll have a real teacher helping you through the pieces so you can improve your technique and see results faster. Plus get answers to any questions you might have.

Meet your friendly
Classical Piano Teacher
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Her teaching style is relaxed, comforting, and encouraging. And thanks to her vast experience on the keys, you’ll find yourself uncovering some of her best secrets to playing the piano, all while having a super fun experience.

With multiple degrees in classical piano and a stage career performing with musical icons like Beyoncé, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Sting, B.B. King, Tony Bennett, and more, Victoria Theodore is a true master of the piano.

Victoria’s love for classical piano started when she was just a little girl, and as a great grand-student of famous composer Claude Debussy, she’s learned from the best. Now she’s here to make your dreams of playing the piano come true.

Let her be your guide as you take your first steps in playing beautiful classical piano.
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We get it. There are a lot of courses out there that sell you the dream without owning the result. We’re different. You’ll be protected for a full 90 days – even though the course only takes most students 30 days to complete. Take the lessons, see the results… and if you’re not totally satisfied – simply request a refund.

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Pieces you can actually play, with lessons that are actually fun.

4 bonus hours of LIVE lessons
Lifetime access to all the lessons and exercises
Unlimited personal support with real teachers
Free sheet music for 8 classical pieces

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