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Your clear path, frustration-free guide to playing the piano!

Learning and practicing piano can be really hard. And getting to the point where you can play all of your favorite songs? Even harder.

Most piano lessons are so heavily focused on theory that it's difficult to get excited, stay motivated, and see real progress. And that's where Pianote is different.

We've built Pianote from the ground-up to help students experience a more enjoyable learning experience. Things like...

Insanely well-structured lessons so you always know exactly what to learn, in exactly the right order...

Engaging teachers who don't just 'know' what they're talking about, but also know how to explain things clearly so you'll understand easier and retain more...

The power of community to help you stay motivated and inspired - plus giving you a place where you can get qualified answers when you need them the most!

We want to make your piano lessons experience exciting and worry-free, not something you're unsure about. And that's why we'd like to invite you to try Pianote risk-free for three full months. You'll have three full months to try it out and make sure it's totally perfect for you. And if it's not, you can simply email us for a full refund thanks to our 90-day 100% guarantee.

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Meet Your Friendly Pianote Teachers

Jordan Leibel Teaching for 7 Years

I’ve been playing since the age of 7 and have a huge passion for songwriting and improvisation. There’s nothing better than finding my voice when I’m jamming with other musicians and writing music for my own creative expression!

I’ve had a blast working as a composer for film, commercial, and theatre projects as well as a session musician and producer for recording projects. And now, I’m super excited to have the chance to teach you a thing or two!

Lisa Witt Teaching for 10 Years

I love to help students unlock their full musical potential. I have taught in a wide variety of settings from Music for Young Children to helping recording artists prepare their songs for the road. I also have specialized experience working with children that struggle with learning, developmental, and physical disabilities. While my background is classical, I’m currently focusing on helping my students play the music they love by ear!

I’m excited to be a part of YOUR journey as you learn how to sight read, play by ear, and progress through musical theory. It is going to be fun!

Cassi Falk Teaching for 11 Years

I started playing piano at 7 years old and have never looked back! I began teaching in 2005 and am trained as an Elementary and Intermediate Specialist through the Royal Conservatory Teacher Certification Program, and am currently working on the Advanced level through their Pedagogy Program.

Each week, I have 30 students coming through my home-based teaching studio. And now with Pianote, I’m excited to connect with so many more! Hopefully I’ll see you there!

Nate Bosch Teaching for 15 Years

Music is my passion - from gospel to classical to jazz and many styles in between. I’ve had the good fortune of enjoying some incredible education through the Yamaha School of Music and the prestigious Royal Conservatory of Music - and then went on to create the popular “Piano System” DVD training pack to help students learn how to play the piano entirely by ear.

What a journey! And the next step starts now - where I’ll share my best advice with you through the Pianote platform. I hope to see you inside!

Jonathan Tobin Teaching for 11 Years

Over the years, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to write songs with award-winning musicians, be featured on national television, and perform on stages around the world - and right now I’m working on my debut jazz album!

As a graduate from Capilano University’s Jazz Studies program, I think education is one of the best ways to invest in yourself - and that’s why I’m so excited to be a part of the Pianote team! I hope you’ll join me so we can push your playing to the next level!

Brett Ziegler Teaching for 19 Years

Music is my life - from teaching piano and saxophone for nearly 20 years, to working as a musical director, technical director, worship leader, actor, recording musician, touring musician, theatre bandleader, and so much more.

I’ve been formally trained through the Royal Conservatory of Music (Grade 9 Piano, first class honours) and have earned my Bachelor of Arts with extended minors in music and communication. I guess that’s the quick way of saying that I love this incredible instrument that you’re interested in learning - and I can’t wait to share some techniques and insights!

Here is exactly how we'll help you learn piano...

Step by Step Lessons

Always know exactly what lesson to watch next. The Pianote curriculum is organized into ten units, where you'll simply follow them in order to reach your piano playing goals.

Just starting out on piano? We've got you covered with essential lessons to build your foundation.

Want to play your favorite songs by ear? Explore your creativity? Try new musical styles? No problem! There are lessons for every level and style!

Improve Your Practice Time

You don't have to wonder what you should practice after each lesson. Simply follow the plan and improve your playing!

We'll give you actionable takeaways with every lesson.

You'll learn what to do, how to do it, and exactly what to practice to improve your skills.

Your Questions Answered

You are never on your own. You can log in to our weekly student review sessions to chat directly with our piano faculty.

Personalized feedback from professional piano teachers.

Connect with other students from around the world with in depth discussions on every lesson.

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Getting Started on the Piano

This first unit will introduce us to the patterns of the keyboard, and will give us the tools needed for us to find our musical home-base, middle C. We will learn our first scales and chords, and some fun chord progressions that make up the backbone of popular music. We will train our ears to hear different tones and intervals, and train our muscle memory to recognize some of the most common shapes and patterns on the piano. Be sure to take the time to practice and integrate each lesson of this unit, as they will provide the essential building blocks that will soon allow us to perform and write songs, read music, play with other musicians, and express ourselves through this amazing instrument!


Training Your Ear

In unit 2, we will dive deeper into developing the essential skills needed to achieve our goals at the keyboard. We’ll learn some new keys to play music in and introduce the concept of raising notes up or down a semitone, creating sharps and flats. We’ll also look further into what types of chords work within the major scale, and how to reshape chords at the piano to change their sound and make it easier to move from chord to chord. In this unit we’ll also get to play our first simple left hand bass pattern and we’ll build hand strength and accuracy with a keyboard pattern called the arpeggio!


The Majors & Your Left Hand

This unit is dedicated to two concepts: hand connectivity and early music theory. We’ll learn some exercises that will move both our hands in one fluid motion These lessons will also teach us some more exciting rhythm patterns and some musical left hand bass patterns. We’ll take these hand connectivity concepts and introduce music theory, giving us our first taste of reading sheet music and understanding some simple concepts that will greatly enhance our musical knowledge base. Though it may seem daunting at first, a little musical theory goes a long way towards a greater musical understanding!


The Minors & Creating Harmony

In this unit, we’ll be looking at an entirely new set of musical scales and chords. In the previous units, we’ve been working with the happy sounding Major chords and scales but in this unit we’ll look at scales and chords that use the relative minor. The relative minor introduces us to a whole new palette of musical sounds. Using this new sound pallete, we’ll learn new scales, chords and intervals as well as some musical examples of how to work with chord progressions and melodies within the minor keys.


Independence, Sight Reading & Fluidity

One of the greatest obstacles in any piano players journey is learning to have complete control of each hand individually, allowing both of them to play and move independently of each other. We call this skill ‘hand independence.’ Because this is such an important concept, we’ve dedicated an entire unit to lessons and techniques that will boost hand independence along with musicality.

...and many more

We’re Helping Piano Students Reach Their Goals

Keeps me motivated!

Pianote has been a very positive experience so far! The lessons and exercises are easy to understand and follow. Plus, seeing the other members of the community and how they're doing helps keep me motivated and wanting to improve!

- Ed Koop

Better value than private lessons

The approach is fun and simple, yet filled with great content, in manageable chunks, by skilled professionals. I think it's much better value than private piano lessons and you can still get a very personalized experience because it's easy to get individualized feedback, which is whole-heartedly offered, and promptly delivered.

- Adrianne Grittani

It’s like having private teachers 24/7

I was a bit nervous to join Pianote because you never know the quality to expect on the internet, but it didn't take long to realize that Pianote is the real thing. It is well-structured, the videos are high quality, and the instructor knows what exercise you need to practice in order to reach your next goal. It's like having private teachers 24/7.

- Stephane D

Easy to grasp

I love the way Pianote is set up. Technique, theory, and application that is easy to grasp and builds off each lesson followed by a song at the end that ties it all together. Go for it! If you want to approach the instrument in a way that makes sense and keeps your interest, Pianote is definitely for you!

- James Obermeyer

Learn from the best!

I knew it would be a good thing to learn from the best! The lessons are short enough that I can fit them into my schedule and they are precise enough that I can work on one thing at a time and get good at it before moving onto the next lesson.

- Stephanie Reddicopp

I wish it was available when I started!

Pianote is a great way to learn piano. I just wish that it was available when I first started to learn! I've been in music all my life and Pianote will enhance it more.

- George Geodo

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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Still Have Questions?

What is Pianote?

An online piano lessons website where you can learn anything you want using any internet-ready phone, tablet, or computer.

Is Pianote for me?

Yes! Okay, I can't say for sure. But if you're this far down the page, it probably is! Pianote is for anybody who wants to learn the piano, sharpen their skills, or improve their playing. If that's you, then you should try it out!

How is Pianote delivered?

All of the piano lessons, sheet music, and downloads are provided in a members-only website. You'll be able to learn whenever it works best for you, at your own pace.

We'll have some live events to get to know you better, but Pianote is all about the step-by-step curriculum and supportive community to help you reach your goals.

How long will it take to go through Pianote?

We believe that playing the piano is a lifelong journey - so Pianote will continue to grow along with you! We'll be adding more lessons, courses, and materials over time so you can keep pushing your skills to new heights.

Will my phone, tablet, laptop, or computer work for Pianote?

Any internet-ready smartphone, tablet, laptop, or modern computer will work just fine! If you have any technical issues you can always contact [email protected] for help.

More questions? You can also reach us by email at or give us a call toll-free at 1-800-439-8921 or directly at 1-604-855-7605.