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Starting is the hardest part. And you should know the piano is right for you before paying for lessons.
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This lesson will help you warmup your fingers, increase your finger strength, improve your accuracy and speed, and develop finger independence. In short, it’s the ultimate piano exercise!


If scales are the alphabet, piano chords are the “words” of music. And once you know some basic chords, you’ll be able to play hundreds of songs!


Now you’re making music. You’ll learn to play chords with your right hand while your left hand plays bass notes to make your playing sound beautiful. You’ll be playing a song here!

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Don’t practice — PLAY!

So you just had your first piano lesson. Congratulations! Now…

You’re on your own.

That’s the problem with traditional lessons. You see a teacher once a week and then it’s up to YOU to practice the right things, for enough time. That’s a lot to ask for a beginner.

So we fixed it.

With Getting Started On The Piano, you’ll never have to practice, because your lessons ARE the practice! Simply press play and follow along with Lisa as you learn to play this beautiful instrument.

Is this really free?

Yes! We love sharing videos to help piano players — and deep down we hope you’ll see some of the value that we provide inside Pianote juuuuust in case you ever want to consider joining!

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