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Online piano lessons for all skill levels.

Learn the piano faster with step-by-step lessons, a thousand songs, and unlimited personal support.

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Piano Lessons
Step-by-step video lessons on every topic.

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Artist Courses
Courses and live events with inspiring pianists.

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1000+ Songs
Play your favorite songs from every style & era.

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24/7 Support
The largest community of students & teachers.

  • “Pianote is a really fun resource for those wishing to pick up tips and tricks and gain perspective. ”

    Yvette Young

    Yvette Young, Multi-Instrumentalist

  • “You should check out Pianote. If you’re a beginner or intermediate, this is ideal for you!”

    Ali Spagnola

    Ali Spagnola, YouTube Entertainer

  • “Whether you’re getting your head around “Chopsticks” or brushing up on your Shostakovich, there should be a lesson for you.”


    MusicRadar, Website For Musicians

Learn the piano by
playing the piano.

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It’s not rocket science.

If you don’t play your piano, you won’t get better. At Pianote, our mission is to get you playing more so you get better, faster (while having FUN!).

In short, you’ll learn piano by playing piano.

These are short, fun lessons from world-class teachers. But the real magic happens when you practice ALONG with your coaches.

You’ll play more, you’ll get better faster, and you’ll fall in love with your progress. Plus you’ll have access to a library of thousands of popular songs with sheet music and backing tracks.

Scroll down to watch the trailer, see more details, and start playing like you’ve always wanted!

Your piano goals
start here.

Always know exactly what to practice with an organized 10-level curriculum and direct access to real teachers.


10-Level Curriculum
Develop your core skills, techniques, and musicality to play beautifully in any setting.


Practical Assignments
You'll always have on-screen assignments and practice tools to help you see results.


Guided Workouts
Stay inspired with guided workouts where you’ll play along with your teacher in real time.


World-Class Teachers
Lifetime teachers, touring performers, recording professionals, and trending stars.


Downloadable Videos
Stream your lessons OR download your videos so you can practice anywhere, anytime.


Personalized Support
Get weekly live streams, student lesson plans, and access to a global piano community.

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Real Teachers,
Real Results.

Amplify your skills with exclusive artist courses + live events with special guests.

Learn any style

  • Classical

    Victoria Theodore

  • Cocktail

    Brett Ziegler

  • Latin

    Kevin Castro

  • Worship

    Amberly Martz

  • Improvisational

    Jesús Molina

  • Gospel

    Erskine Hawkins

  • Latin

    Gabriel Palatchi

  • Tango

    Sangah Noona

Add essential techniques

  • Piano Technique
    Made Easy

    Cassi Falk

  • Faster

    Lisa Witt

  • Hanon

    Cassi Falk

  • De-Stupefy
    Your Left Hand

    Lisa Witt

  • Beautifully
    Simple Piano

    Sangah Noona

  • Riffs
    & Fills

    Lisa Witt

  • 7 Days To
    Sight Reading

    Lisa Witt

  • Dexterity &
    Finger Strength

    Cassi Falk

Play more creatively

  • Playing Piano

    Lisa Witt

  • Improvisation &
    Musical Freedom

    Jesús Molina

  • The Perfect

    Summer Swee-Singh

  • Creative

    Lisa Witt

  • Pillars of

    Jordan Leibel

  • The Power
    of Chords

    Lisa Witt

  • Creative

    Josh Dion

  • Rhythmic

    Jay Oliver

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Play your favorite songs.

You’ll have all the tools you need to make sure you never miss a note.

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1000+ popular songs.

Get note-for-note song breakdowns for every style, era, and skill level.

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Find the perfect tempo.

Slow down any section of a song to make those tricky bars easier.

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Loop the hard parts.

Create practice loops to play-through those difficult parts over and over.

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Improve your timing.

Use the built-in-metronome – your new best friend for difficult rhythms.

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Take your songs anywhere.

Accessible on any device, or printable, so you can play any song, any time.

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Any instrument, any time.
Powered by Musora, Pianote includes full access to our communities for drums, guitar, and voice.

Trusted by pianists

Rated 5 stars by Pianote students of all skill levels! See The Reviews »

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  • Ian Kershaw testimonial
    Such a fantastic and welcoming student community.

    Ian Kershaw

    Watch video

  • Jayde McIntosh testimonial
    I’ve had to give up on a lot of my dreams. Then I discovered Pianote.

    Jayde McIntosh

    Watch video

  • Xitlali Caballero testimonial
    I’m six years old. My biggest moment is when I play Für Elise.

    Xitlali Caballero

    Watch video

  • Nabil Abd El Moneim testimonial
    I’m a lot better at using both hands and it opened up more songs.

    Nabil Abd El Moneim

    Watch video

  • Jess Ripley testimonial
    I’m blown away by the program you’ve created.

    Jess Ripley

    Read more

  • Anselm de Souza testimonial
    Helped coordinate my left and right hands.

    Anselm de Souza

    Read more

  • John Maclean testimonial
    My 6 year old daughter started dancing as I played.

    John Maclean

    Read more

  • Serena Dorward testimonial
    If I was taught this way as a child, I would have never quit.

    Serena Dorward

    Read more


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Online lessons can be intimidating. Maybe you’re wondering if they work, or if you’ll use them enough – or if you’ll even enjoy the experience. So we’re removing the risk with our 90-day guarantee. More than anything, we want to make sure you have a POSITIVE experience developing new skills and gaining confidence on the piano.

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Online piano lessons for all skill levels.

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Learn the secrets and tips to play fills that sound complicated and advanced, but are simple to learn.

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Boost your speed and confidence with this guided practice course.

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