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For Jesús Molina, improvisation is bringing your soul into music. It’s expressing things that words cannot express.

But it’s not some impossible dream, reserved for only the very rarest and most gifted musicians.

You have a soul. You have a voice.

Jesús is here to help you express it. So…

What will your future look like? Here’s a glimpse…

How to improvise, step-by-step

But in a fun way

You’ve probably said it to yourself before:

“I don’t know how to improvise.”
“I’m from a classical background.”
“I’m not creative.”

But once you hear Jesús Molina talk about music, you’ll realize it’s simply not true. So how do you do it?

Simple. You learn from the best in the world!

Jesús will show you how to approach improvising in a structured, step-by-step way that’s fun, inspiring, and 100% not scary.

Here’s how:

Think you can’t improvise? Jesús Molina is here to bust that myth. You’ll discover how to think about improvisation in a new way.

Classical improvisation? It sounds like a contradiction, but when you hear Jesús talk about this theme, you’ll be inspired to start making classical-sounding music.

Get ready to play “Happy Birthday” like you’ve never played it before. Jesús will break down step-by-step, bar-by-bar how he makes this classic sound jazzy.

Discover the iconic rhythms and melodies unique to Latin music, and how to use them to transform any song.

Learn the basics of Stride, and how to start improvising over new, powerful left hand.

Unlock an entire world of possibilities on the piano with just a little knowledge (and one interval).

Practice like a Pro

Get Jesús Molina’s exclusive practice plans

“When you practice, you’re literally building… your destiny.” ~ Jesús Molina

Practice makes perfect. So how does Jesús do it? For the first time, he’s sharing his practice secrets and routines, exclusively with Pianote.

And that means you.

Imagine if your daily practice sessions were the most effective they could be. Jesús will show you how to make every minute count, so you’ll never waste time at the keys, and you’ll get better faster.

How did Jesús get so good? This is how. For the first time, he’s revealing his detailed, 6-month practice methodology. This is your roadmap to better playing, and musical freedom.

Become a better musician

All the tools at your fingertips.

Fully transcribed lessons.

Every lesson has been transcribed for you. You won’t just listen to Jesús talk, you’ll play with him, and get downloadable sheet music of everything he plays.

Detailed practice assignments.

Jesús will give you downloadable and fully-transcribed practice assignments for each lesson. How does he get so good? Practice? How do you get better? Practice.

Multiple difficulty levels.

Worried you’re not up to his level? Well let’s be honest. None of us are. That’s why Jesús has broken down every level into multiple stages of difficulty. You can do this.

“You are not limited. If you think you don’t have musicality in you - that’s the biggest mistake you can make.”

~ Jesús Molina

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In addition to Jesús Molina’s coach feature, you’ll develop your skills on the piano through lessons, songs, and personal support from the best piano players in the world.

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Motivation & Support

From the big stage straight to your living room – you’ll get weekly live events, lessons, and personal feedback from incredible artists as they guide and support you every step of the way on your piano journey.


Step-By-Step Curriculum

Build your foundation on the piano with a perfectly structured curriculum that will teach you all the skills you need to start playing beautiful music. This is your guide to musical freedom on the piano, perfect for beginners and intermediates.


Play Your Favorite Songs

Nothing is better than playing real music! 100s of detailed song tutorials will teach you how to play popular music from all eras, styles, and genres. Practice along to backing tracks and download the sheet music for every song.

Your piano goals start here.

Improve your skills on any topic, any time, with world-class teachers and personal support.
Improvisation & Musical Freedom

Anyone can improvise. Even you! Learn from one of the world’s best as Jesús Molina shows you his “secret chord voicings” and other tips.

Classical Piano

Unlock the beauty of classical music with this course from world-class touring pianist, Victoria Theodore.

Gospel Piano

Get that “Gospel” sound from acclaimed touring pianist and musical director Erskine Hawkins. From beautiful chords to a stunning left hand, you’ll learn it all.

Cocktail Piano For Beginners

Learn the chord progressions, songs, and improvisation techniques to start playing cocktail piano.

The Beginners Guide To Playing Beautiful Piano

Start playing beautiful piano music from your very first lesson.

Latin Piano Essentials

Spice up your playing and learn five of the most influential Latin genres on the piano.

Worship Piano

Start playing piano or keyboard in your church.

Piano Riffs & Fills

Fill those spaces with piano riffs that will make you sound professional, polished ... and close to perfect.

500 Songs in 5 Days

Play the songs you love in this 5-day bootcamp that teaches you how to play almost any song.

Sight Reading Made Simple

If you’ve ever struggled through a music class -- let us show you how easy reading music can be.

Faster Fingers

Your roadmap to success for increasing your speed on the keys so you can learn songs quicker and play them better.

Essential Styles

Pop, Jazz, Blues, Funk, Bossa Nova, and more. Sangha Noona can do it all, and she’ll help you discover new techniques to sound incredible in any style.

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