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Lisa Witt  /  Play By Ear
How to Play Piano by Ear in 10 Minutes
The ability to listen to a song and play it by ear is a big part of playing the piano. We've got some smart tips to get you playing in harmony

Lisa Witt  /  Chord Inversions
Beautiful Chord Patterns
A play-along bootcamp / lesson on how to play beautiful piano chords. Learn how to master chord inversions to make a beautiful sound.

Lisa Witt  /  Improvisation
Create Emotion With 4 Notes
You don't need a lot of notes to create emotional music. Create emotion with just 4 notes from this beautiful pattern.

Lisa Witt  /  Play By Ear
Play Any Song On The Piano (3 Things To Know)
Play any song on the piano with these 3 simple steps! These tips will help you play any song in no time.

Lisa Witt  /  Song Tutorials
Iconic Piano Intros You Have To Know
Some songs are defined by their piano intros catchy, iconic melodies that will be stuck in your head for days no matter what you try.

Lisa Witt  /  Song Tutorials
Famous Rap Piano Riffs
Piano plays a vital role in some of the most famous rap songs in history. I’ll teach you how to play 3 iconic rap piano riffs, just like that!

Lisa Witt  /  Beginner Songs
How to Play “Tiny Dancer” (5 Levels)
Learn how to play Tiny Dancer in 5 levels of difficulty. Anyone can start learning songs. Here's how to break down your favorite song.

Lisa Witt  /  Beginner Songs
Play Your First Piano Song In 7 Minutes (Someone You Loved)
Play your first piano song in just 7 minutes (or less). Learn "Someone You Loved" by Lewis Capaldi.

Lisa Witt  /  Hand Independence
Top 3 Left-Hand Piano Exercises
Time to get that left-hand into shape! We've got the top 3 left-hand piano exercises to get you playing your best!

Lisa Witt  /  Hand Independence
De-Stupefy Your Left Hand
Train your brain with these techniques for improving your left-hand coordination on the keys! The ambidextrous Lisa Witt shows us some handy exercises to get you playing smarter and faster with both hands.

Lisa Witt  /  Practice
Practice THIS Every Single Day
What if there was just one practice that would make you a smarter and more capable musician on the piano? We've got something to show you...

Sam Vesely  /  Musical Genres
Play Old School Rock ‘n’ Roll
Rock ’n’ Roll burst on the music scene in the 1950s and '60s changing the landscape of music (and piano playing!) forever. Masters like Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard brought it to the mainstream and inspired a whole new generation of growing musicians. Sam is here with a few tips and tricks to get you playing like the pros!

Lisa Witt  /  Theory
How Music Affects Emotion
What we play can have amazing emotional influence on what we experience. Music affects emotion and meaning that changes your perspective.

Lisa Witt  /  Chord Theory
Pop vs. Classical: You Love Classical Music (You Just Don’t Know It)
Pop or classical? Why not both! The music you know and love takes a huge inspiration from classical pieces. Don't believe us? We'll show you!

Lisa Witt  /  Scales
How to Play Minor Scales on the Piano
Learn how to play minor scales on the piano to create your own beautiful sounds.

Lisa Witt  /  Chord Theory
What Are Slash Chords?
Slash chords are amazing. They can totally change the sound and feel of a song. But they can be confusing.

Lisa Witt  /  VLOG
Puppies and Pianos
Meet the newest (and cutest) member of my family! And watch as I introduce him to all the staff at Pianote.

Lisa Witt  /  VLOG
What’s Inside Pianote?
A sneak peek inside the Pianote Membership.

Lisa Witt  /  VLOG
Does Price Matter? (Cheap vs. Expensive Digital Pianos)
Is a piano better because it costs more? We put some to the test...

Lisa Witt  /  VLOG
Q&A With Lisa & Sam
Learn more about us. Which one of us HATES pineapple on pizza?

Sam Vesely  /  Articles
Hollywood Piano Moments
There are so many iconic and unforgettable Hollywood piano moments and we're here to countdown some of our most favorite. Let's do this!

Charmaine Li  /  Articles
7 Easy Classical Piano Songs To Learn First
We often think of classical music as complex and difficult, but there are plenty of beautiful, beginner piano pieces that anyone can play!

Charmaine Li  /  Articles
How To Play Piano
Do you want to learn how to play piano? Learn the basics and discover the joy of playing music. Learn notes and chords to play a song!

Lisa Witt  /  Articles
Learning Piano As An Adult
Have you always dreamt of playing the keys? It’s never too late to learn, and for adults looking to learn piano... this lesson is for you!

Save up to 85% on piano lessons and merchandise!