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Lisa Witt  /  Chording
Play Your First Piano Song With Just 4 Chords
You can play your first song on the piano using only four chords! Start playing the songs you love from day 1. Here's how.

Charmaine Li  /  Chording
Chording 101: Everything You Need to Know About Piano Chords
Chords are where it's at! By understanding piano chords, you'll unlock hundreds if not thousands of songs.

Lisa Witt  /  Chording
Diatonic Chords, Explained
Diatonic chords are chords built on top of each degree of the scale. Understanding diatonic chords will help you improvise and play.

Lisa Witt  /  Chord Inversions
Piano Chord Inversions, Explained
How piano chord inversions work, free diagrams and charts, how to practice chord inversions, and why they're important.

Victoria Theodore  /  Performances
Beethoven’s “Für Elise” (Performed by Victoria Theodore)
Few pieces define piano like Beethoven's "Für Elise." This little bagatelle was written two years before Beeethoven went fully deaf.

Lisa Witt  /  Song Tutorials
How to Play ANY Pop Song on Piano
You only need three things to learn how to play virtually any pop song on the piano: chord knowledge, chord charts, and a trained ear.

Lisa Witt  /  Beginner Songs
4 Easy Piano Songs That Are Perfect For Beginners
Beginners CAN play songs on the piano! Here are 4 easy piano songs that are perfect for beginners.

Lisa Witt  /  Beginner Songs
3 Classical Songs That Are Perfect for Beginners
You know them, your parents know them, your grandparents know them. Classical songs are instantly recognizable, beautiful, and rewarding to play. But they can be daunting for beginners. After all, doesn’t classical = hard?! Nope 🙂 Today, we have three easy classical piano songs that are perfect for beginners: Für Elise, Minuet in G Major, […]

Lisa Witt  /  Practice
Piano Practice Routine for Beginners (Not Boring)
One of the hardest things for beginners is knowing what and how to practice…and how to make it not boring. Fix that with this routine!

Lisa Witt  /  Practice
Piano Technique Made Easy
Tips on how to practice scales, chords, arpeggios, and more on the piano without wasting time and getting bored!

Charmaine Li  /  Practice
Why Practice Piano Scales (Importance of Piano Technique)
The importance of piano technique can be hard to appreciate. Why practice monotonous scales when there are so many songs?

Lisa Witt  /  Play Faster
3 Speed Exercises to Play Piano FAST
Want to learn how to play piano FAST? Here are three speed exercises to take your playing to the next level. One works for your fingers, another works your brain, and the third even incorporates chord progressions! But before we start…BONUS ASSIGNMENT. Can you guess who this composer is? Comment your guess on our YouTube […]

Lisa Witt  /  Theory
Are These Music Theory Rules Even Necessary?
The invisible bar line rule, double sharps, double flats, and more...some music theory rules don't make sense. Or do they?

Cassi Falk  /  Rhythm Theory
Music Theory For The Dropouts #1 – Rhythm
Rhythm is one of those elements that a lot of musicians take for granted.  You might get caught up in thinking about all the notes, sharps/flats and other stuff and forget about how crappy it would all sound without rhythmic variation to make things interesting.  Luckily with some dedication and focus, rhythms are pretty easy […]

Lisa Witt  /  Reading Music
How To Read Notes
Learn to connect the dots on a page to the keys on the piano

Lisa Witt  /  Reading Music
How To Read Notes Part 2
One of the most important skill sets to have as a piano player is knowing how to read musical notes so you can learn to play songs you love.

Lisa Witt  /  VLOG
I Played a Piano That Cost More Than a House! 🦋
The Fazioli Butterfly is a beautifully designed instrument that costs more than a house! Watch the Butterfly and other expensive pianos get played.

Lisa Witt  /  VLOG
Calming Keys: How the Piano Can Help You Feel GOOD
May is mental health awareness month. So today, I'm going to show you how to feel better by playing music. No previous piano experience required!

Lisa Witt  /  VLOG
Puppies and Pianos
Meet the newest (and cutest) member of my family! And watch as I introduce him to all the staff at Pianote.

Lisa Witt  /  VLOG
Inside the Pianote Membership
A sneak peek inside the Pianote Membership.

Victoria Theodore  /  Articles
Beginner’s Guide to Classical Piano
Classical piano is beautiful but can be intimidating for beginners. But you CAN play classical piano! Victoria Theodore is here to show you the fundamentals.

Charmaine Li  /  Guides
How to Play Piano – The Ultimate Guide
Learn how to play the piano - from buying your first instrument and choosing a teaching method to mastering the fundamentals.

Charmaine Li  /  Guides
How to Buy Your First Piano – The Ultimate Guide
Everything you need to buy your first piano and start playing: acoustic vs. digital pianos, budget, brands, and more!

Charmaine Li  /  Profiles
The Best Beethoven Piano Sonatas: What Every Pianist Should Know
Beethoven’s piano sonatas changed the history of music. Take a look at the stories behind the best Beethoven sonatas.

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