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Learn the Blues by PLAYING the Blues.

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Course Lessons

Before the course starts, Kevin shares some essential advice that will prepare you for success.

In week 1, you'll dive into the 12-bar blues, develop rhythm, and get both hands playing with 5 workouts and a pre-recorded Q&A.

In week 2, you'll build confidence with the blues progression and rhythm through 5 workouts and a pre-recorded Q&A.

In week 3, you'll learn simple riffs alongside iconic riffs and fills through 5 workouts and a pre-recorded Q&A.

In week 4, everything you've learned will be brought together and you'll craft your story for your very own blues piano solo!

The Blues is everywhere. At least one of your favorite songs can be traced back to the Blues. Probably way more than one.

But the Blues is IMPOSSIBLE to learn, right? After all, there’s so much improvisation! How do you learn to make stuff up? Don’t you need to be gifted?

No way! All you need is a great teacher.

Give teacher Kevin Castro 30 days, and he’ll give you the essential skills you need to confidently play the Blues on your piano. In just 10 minutes a day, you’ll learn everything from the basic Blues structure and the most important scale, through to the Blues riffs and fills you’ll use to tell a musical story in the final week.

It’s all here. Let’s get bluesy!
Instructor: Kevin Castro Lesson Length: 30 Days (20 Workouts + 4 Q&As)

  • 20 guided play-along lessons.

  • Lifetime access to watch & re-watch.

  • 90 day money-back guarantee.

Only $127

You’ll sound like THIS after 30 days…

Hear what REAL 30-Day Blues Piano students sound like after completing the course:

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Ready to sound this good?

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Kevin Castro

Kevin Castro wouldn’t be a professional pianist without the Blues. In fact, it was a Blues improvisation that got him accepted into University.

Since then, he’s toured with rising stars and JUNO-Award winners (JESSIA, Elijah Woods), played at TikTok Headquarters in New York and LA, and even recorded a demo for Jennifer Lopez.

And whenever Kevin plays with new musicians, he always uses the Blues to jam.

But Kevin’s real passion comes from sharing his experience and knowledge with students.

And he’ll be with you at stage of this journey.

The Blues changed his life, and he knows it will do the same for you.

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Trusted by piano players everywhere.

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But what if it doesn’t
work for you?

You’ll be playing the Blues in just 30 days. That’s our promise.

But what if it doesn’t work?

Then you won’t have to pay. We’re so confident you’ll love the results, that you’ll have 90 days to put us to the test (even though the course only lasts for 30).

If you give it an honest try and you’re not happy (for any reason), simply let us know within 90 days for a FULL refund.

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Learn the blues
by playing the blues

  • 20 guided play-along lessons.

  • Lifetime access to watch & re-watch.

  • 90-day money-back guarantee.

Only $127