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What would happen if you learned piano from
the best keyboardist in the world?
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Technique is everything.

It’s the foundation that will allow you to build your skills and abilities on the piano. It’s the key that unlocks that feeling of musical freedom when your fingers feel like they have a mind of their own.

And the good news is…

You can build your technique and break through those walls WITHOUT spending hours each day playing exercises that haven’t changed in the past 200 years.

It doesn’t take months and years of daily scale practice that make the rest of your household invest in earplugs.

And it doesn’t take thousands of dollars spent on private lessons.

All it takes…

Is 30 days.

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30 Days to Better Technique is the first guided piano technique course that will have you playing WITH a world-class instructor - Jordan Rudess. Over 30 days, you’ll play with Jordan as he guides you through the exercises he used to develop his incredible piano skills.

Know exactly what to practice.

Know exactly what to practice.

Each day you’ll unlock a new lesson and play WITH Jordan. You don’t have to worry about what to do when you sit on the bench. Jordan’s got you covered.

Fits any schedule.

Building technique takes practice. But it doesn’t mean hours of scales every day. Each lesson is short and fun, so you can fit it around your busy schedule.

Fits any schedule.
The four pillars of technique.

The four pillars of technique.

Each week you’ll focus on a new element of piano technique. You’ll build your finger independence, hand coordination, speed, and musical expression.

Support from REAL teachers.

You’ll be supported every step of the way by Pianote’s team of expert instructors. Plus you’ll get to hang with Jordan in an exclusive LIVE Q&A.

Support from REAL teachers.
Lifetime Access

Lifetime Access

You can access ALL the lessons and downloads from 30 Days to Better Technique for life. That means you can return to your favorite workouts over and over – plus, it means you can work at your own pace.

And you’ll have
learned all these things from...

“The greatest
keyboardist of all time”

~ MusicRadar Magazine

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It’s time to meet your teacher…


Jordan Rudess is best known as the extraordinary keyboardist for the platinum-selling, GRAMMY Award-winning progressive rock band, Dream Theater.

As a classical child prodigy, Jordan was admitted to the prestigious Juilliard School of Music when he was just 9 years old.

His piano playing is renowned for its virtuosity, speed, and of course… technique.

Jordan honed his piano technique under the supervision of some of the greatest piano teachers at Juilliard. And now…

He’s sharing those secrets with you.

“These are the exercises that have made the biggest impact on my playing,” says Jordan.

Over 30 days, Jordan will guide you through the exact exercises he used to develop his incredible piano skill. But you won’t just be watching Jordan, you’ll be playing with him.

“I’ve always thought it would be amazing to have a place to go where you knew that the exercises and steps you were taking were guaranteed to make you a better piano player,” he says.

“This is that place.”

This is a rare opportunity to connect and learn from the world’s best.

See Jordan in action
Thumbnail for piano technique tutorial video
Thumbnail for piano technique tutorial video

“Is 30 Days to Better Technique right for me?”

Do you want to have stronger fingers, better hand coordination, and play faster? If the answer is yes, then 30 Days to Better Technique is perfect for you. Even if you’re new on your journey, you’ll see massive improvements to your playing.

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Daily guided Piano workouts
Flexible weekly schedule
Ongoing motivation & support
Guaranteed results

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Get An Exclusive LIVE Lesson With Jordan

All students who enroll in 30 Days to Better Technique will be invited to join an exclusive LIVE lesson with Jordan Rudess.

You’ll be able to share your feedback, ask questions, and learn live from the “world’s best keyboardist”.

It’s a rare opportunity.

And it’s only available to students who enroll in the first-ever class of 30 Days to Better Technique.

Reserve your spot today.

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The 90-Day “Better
Technique” Guarantee

We’re so confident that you’ll LOVE the improvements to your piano technique after Jordan’s course, that we’re giving you THREE times as long to put it to the test.

The course is 30 days, but you’ll have 90 days to try it risk-free.

That means you’ll have enough time to go through every lesson and play with Jordan - THREE times. And if -- after you’ve put in the work -- you don’t see real improvements to your technique... 

If your fingers don’t feel stronger and your hands aren’t more coordinated…

If you don’t enjoy playing the piano more than you did before you started…

Contact [email protected] within those 90 days and get a refund.

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What would happen if you learned from the
best keyboardist in the world?

Runs May 6 to June 3
20 Guided Workouts
Lifetime Course Access
90-Day Money Back Guarantee


Still Have Questions?

Still reading?

By now, you already know that the biggest
difference between those pianists you envy
and the ones who get stuck on a plateau, never
making progress, all comes down to…

Better Technique.

So if you’re still here, let’s wrap this up and get
you playing better.

If you’ve ever watched Jordan Rudess play and thought, “How does he do that?”...
If you feel like your fingers aren’t strong enough or fast enough…
If you’re serious about improving your skills and developing as a pianist...
If you want to learn from the best in the world…
If you’re tired of playing the same songs over and over again, feeling like you lack the path to improvement…
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Enroll today and make these 30 days
the most impactful and memorable
of your piano-playing life.