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A handcrafted premium leather satchel for your music books, laptop, and life.

Only $249

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The beauty is in the

  • Pianote BookBag Details

    Single leather handle provide easy carrying options and minimalistic styling.

  • Pianote BookBag Details

    External side and back pockets
    for easy access and extra security.

  • Pianote BookBag Details

    Premium-grade, oil-tanned leather ensures a classic look that only gets better with age.

  • Pianote BookBag Details

    16-inch laptop sleeve
    keeps your computer safe.

  • Pianote BookBag Details

    Custom Pianote embossing provides a subtle yet distinctive look. This bag is for piano players.

  • Pianote BookBag Details

    Magnetic clasps give you modern access while keeping a vintage buckle look.

  • Pianote BookBag Details

    Removable shoulder strap for convenience and comfort.

Organize the chaos

Let’s be honest. Your practice space looks like a mad scientist's desk. Books, staff paper, sheet music, pens. It’s time to tame your space and organize the chaos with your Pianote BookBag.

From concert halls to city streets.

The Pianote BookBag oozes style. This beautiful leather satchel will look at home in Carnegie Hall and next to your Casio.
A woman carrying The Pianote BookBag, showcasing its fashionable and functional design.
Designed to be used, the Pianote BookBag combines fashion and function to ensure you never have to leave the important things behind.
Stack of music sheets neatly organized inside The Pianote BookBag.
Five separate internal compartments give you enough space for your music books, sheet music, notebooks, and a laptop. This messenger bag is your everyday carry for the things that matter most.
Front view of The Pianote BookBag, highlighting its premium leather construction that ages beautifully.
The premium leather will only look better with age. This is truly a luxury bag that doesn’t come with the pretense.

But don’t worry…

You’ll still get compliments every time you leave the house.

Made with love. And priced that way too.

The Pianote BookBag is custom-designed by leather artisans in the USA. Each bag is handmade with a level of craftsmanship and quality comparable to bags in the $300 - $600 price range.

But we’re not here for the mark-up.

We love our students and genuinely think this bag will make your life better. So we’re committed to keeping the price affordable, without compromising on quality.

See how the Pianote BookBag


The Pianote BookBag Brand Name Messenger Bag Brand Name Satchel Bag
Leather Premium Oil-Tanned Leather Full-Grain Leather Vintage Tribe Leather
Laptop Sleeve 16” Laptop Sleeve 16” Laptop Sleeve 13” Laptop Sleeve
External Pockets Yes Yes Yes
Total $249 $349 $448
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