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Build your musical knowledge (and library) with 3 beautiful books from Pianote. This bundle will give you a beautiful repertoire of classical piano pieces, as well as a handy chord and scale reference guide so you never get stuck, PLUS the tool to plan and perfect your practice time so you see serious progress.

Save BIG on these books by bundling them together.

Say hello to your new piano books:

Classical Piano Pieces (You Can Actually Play) - Normally $39

What good is learning classical piano if you don’t have beautiful music to play? This NEW book is 92 pages full of beautiful pieces by famous classical composers that you can actually play! The perfect companion to The Classical Method, each piece has been hand-selected to be appropriate for your skill level - while still sounding beautiful. Beethoven, Chopin, Bach, they’re all in here.
Pianote Practice Planner - Normally $39

Practice is the key to getting better. But to really progress it’s so important to practice the right things. Knowing what, when, and how to practice will make the biggest difference in your playing. The Pianote Practice Planner is your written guide to making every practice perfect, so you get the results you deserve. This is Lisa Witt’s personal practice guide. Written by her, exclusively for piano players.
Chords & Scales Book - Normally $39

You need chords to play your favorite songs, but learning them all can be a real challenge. The Piano Chords & Scales book is your go-to reference guide so you’ll never get stuck again. See a chord you don’t know? Simply flip to the relevant page in your book and you’ll see all the inversions and alterations you need to play beautifully and confidently. Don’t let scary-looking chords slow your progress.
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