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UNLIMITED piano lessons you can take anywhere, anytime.

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The Unlimited Lessons Bundle gives you just that - unlimited piano lessons. Watch as many as you like, as often as you like.

Learn your favorite songs in the comfort of your own home, whenever you want. Impress your family and friends with your piano playing - for a tiny fraction of the cost of private lessons.

And get support and feedback from real teachers who will help you every step of the way.

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Annual Pianote Membership - Normally $197

Discover the best online piano lessons experience with Pianote. Your Pianote membership will give you hundreds of expertly designed, step-by-step lessons to guide you along the path to musical freedom. And you don’t need any special cables or software to get started, it works with EVERY piano or keyboard. And you’ll get access to REAL teachers who will be able to answer any questions you have along the way.
Pianote Chords Poster - Normally $9

Chord shapes can be hard to remember, especially when you’re starting out and learning how they work. Luckily we have the Pianote Chords Poster to help you with all those tricky shapes! Get this awesome poster for your practice space and start chording your way through all your favorite songs. If you ever forget your chord shapes, all you have to do is look up!
Pianote Scales Poster - Normally $9

If you ever find yourself forgetting the notes in a scale (like most of us do), the Pianote Scales Poster is here to help! Remember your scales with this easy-to-read poster, designed to help you quickly recall the right notes at the right time, making your scales (or soloing) a piece of cake. With this up on your wall, you’ll never miss a note again.
Pianote Practice Planner - Normally $39

Practice is the key to getting better. But to really progress it’s so important to practice the right things. Knowing what, when, and how to practice will make the biggest difference in your playing. The Pianote Practice Planner is your written guide to making every practice perfect, so you get the results you deserve. This is Lisa Witt’s personal practice guide. Written by her, exclusively for piano players.
Piano Technique Made Easy - Normally $120

Piano Technique Made Easy is the comprehensive guide for learning and perfecting your technique. Every scale. Every key signature. Every chord. You’ll learn them all to build a strong piano foundation so you can play faster, learn songs quicker, and express yourself through your playing.
The Beginner’s Guide To Playing Beautiful Piano - Normally $7

Start playing beautiful piano music from the very first time you touch the keyboard. The Beginner’s Guide To Playing Beautiful Piano is your introduction to the world of stunning melodies and emotional music. Follow along and play beautiful sounds. But you won’t just be copying what you see… You’ll learn WHY certain chords and melodies sound beautiful. So after the course, you can create your own beautiful piano music.
500 Songs in 5 Days - Normally $99

Learn the skills to play 500 songs in just 5 days. You’ll learn how to build and play chords, chord inversions, as well as fancy riffs and fills to make you sound like a pro. Plus -- you’ll get downloadable chord charts for 500 songs that are yours to keep FOREVER! Perfect for the beginner who wants to play REAL songs as fast as possible, even if you’ve never touched a piano before.
Piano Riffs & Fills - Normally $99

Anyone can play a chord -- but what happens in the spaces between the chords distinguishes the great players from the mediocre ones. Fill those spaces with piano riffs that will make you sound professional, polished ... and close to perfect. This course is broken down so even complete beginners can start sounding amazing. You’ll be shown exactly how to play the fills -- note for note.
De-Stupefy Your Left Hand - Normally $99

Your left hand is weaker. And that’s normal. Most piano players struggle with their left hand, and sadly, most just accept it. De-Stupefy Your Left Hand is your 3-step path to a better left hand. Yes, your left hand might be weaker… but it doesn’t have to be.
Worship Piano - Normally $99

Master the skills to play modern worship songs and learn how to be part of a band. You’ll learn how to read worship chord charts, create beautiful background music, and how to be part of a worship team. Plus, this pack comes with your own band as a backing track, so YOU can join the band and play piano with other musicians. No prior knowledge or experience necessary. We start from scratch with this one.
Faster Fingers - Normally $99

Increase your finger speed, strength, and accuracy with this complete digital training pack. Faster Fingers is your roadmap to success on the piano. You’ll be guided every step of the way with daily practice videos and encouragement, plus you’ll be able to play along with every exercise and record your speed. The metronome doesn’t lie -- you’ll be able to SEE how much faster you’re getting. As a beginner, some of the later exercises may be too difficult, to begin with, but you’ll find immense value in the early exercises, and it will help speed up your learning as well as your fingers.
Sight-Reading Made Simple - Normally $19

Start reading music in MINUTES with this fantastic digital training pack. Sight-Reading Made Simple breaks down the task or reading music into short FUN lessons, so you can learn the basics in no time. If you’ve ever wanted to read music, or tried before and had a bad experience, this training pack will have you reading notes, rhythm, and time signatures in no time. You’ll get practice exercises to go along with the lessons, PLUS a downloadable glossary of music notes and symbols that you can download, print, and keep at the keyboard. Reading music doesn’t have to be hard. This training pack will show you just how easy it can be.
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