Timeless classics you’ll want to play over and over again. Presented in original and simplified arrangements.

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When you think of classical piano, you think of iconic pieces from the greats.

So when deciding which works should adorn these pages, we asked ourselves one simple question…

Is it beautiful?

Those are the pieces you’ll find here. This book is a carefully curated collection of the most beautiful classical piano pieces ever written. And even though some of them are quite advanced, we believe that playing them shouldn’t be reserved for the pros.

Original & Simplified
Arrangements of Every Piece

Because these pieces should
not be reserved for the pros.

Some of these pieces are quite advanced.

But we don’t think that should stop anyone from being able to play and enjoy them. That’s why you’ll find simplified versions of every piece that are approachable for the late beginner/early intermediate pianist.

We’ve made them easier while staying true to the beauty of the original composition.

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About The Authors

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Lisa Witt is the lead instructor at Pianote and has inspired millions of students around the world with her infectious enthusiasm for this instrument.

Lisa grew up learning classical piano through the Royal Conservatory of Music, but it wasn’t easy.

“In fact, I mostly hated it,” she said.

“But there were some songs that made it all worth it. The beautiful songs by the great composers.”

Those songs are what drove Lisa to compile this book and share those beautiful pieces with you. She hand-picked each one to fill this book with 20 of the most beautiful classical piano pieces around.

Lisa’s teaching style is all about FUN. If you’re not having fun playing the piano, then you won’t keep learning.The pieces in this book reflect that style. They are beautiful, but also fun to learn. So you’ll keep coming back to them.

Lisa is also the author of “Piano Chords & Scales: The Ultimate Guide” and “The Pianote Practice Planner.”

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Eleny Quapp is a skilled musician with over 20 years of experience. As a former student of the Royal Conservatory of Music, she has refined her skills at the piano and has since become an accomplished teacher, passing on her passion for music to her students.

Eleny's love for music is reflected in her teaching, where she emphasizes the importance of practice and dedication, but also discovering the fun in learning. She firmly believes in the profound effects that music can have on a person's life and will always find ways to inspire those around her.

With a particular affinity for classical music, Eleny enjoys sharing her passion for some of the world's most beautiful music with those around her.

The Most Beautiful Piano Classical Pieces is a delightful collection of some of her favorite pieces. 

She has arranged all the simplified pieces to be accessible to students of all skill levels Her arrangements reflect what she is most passionate about - sharing the joy and beauty of classical music.

The best way to
play your favorites.


Timeless classics you’ll want to play over and over again. Presented in original and simplified arrangements.

ONLY $49