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Enhance your playing experience.

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Step into your personal Concert Hall

The only headphones designed by piano players — for piano players.

Your digital piano sounds better with headphones. It’s a simple fact. And Pianote’s Concert Series over-ear headphones deliver the immersive experience your playing deserves.

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Lightweight with comfortable ear padding for extended practice and playing sessions. You might even forget they’re there. Because playing piano should not mean getting sore ears.

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No sound leaks. You hear the piano, nothing else. And you won’t have to worry about anyone eavesdropping on your practice sessions. They’ll only hear the clacking of your piano keys!

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Unrivaled sound definition and bass response. Beautiful clarity up high and deep rich sounds down low. Hear your piano the way it was intended to sound.

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Custom designed by piano players for piano players. This is a limited edition design of just 2300 which won’t be reproduced. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

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Your piano deserves
to sound its best

Sound better. Play more.

Your digital piano is the result of 300 years of research and refinement. Countless masterpieces have been written on and for it. That kind of history deserves the acoustic respect that comes from the Pianote Concert Series Headphones.

The large 50mm neodymium driver size guarantees fidelity of sound, especially at lower frequencies. The neodymium produces light, loud, and clear sound definition.

Low impedance, unrivaled frequency response means you’ll hear every note as it was intended to be heard. Beautifully.

Closed-back circumaural design guarantees your ears are fully covered by the comfortable leather padding.

3.5mm stereo plug with ¼ inch adapter to work with all your devices.

Comes with two, 3-meter cables to match your preference. One straight, one coiled.

4-year warranty so you don’t have to worry.


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“Do people know how good these Pianote headphones are?”


“They're incredible. The sound is MUCH richer and clearer on the Pianote headphones compared to the built-in keyboard speakers (Yamaha P515). The Pianote headphones are much closer to sounding like my acoustic Yamaha and make me want to play more. They're SO comfortable too: loose but secure, perfect for wearing for a long time without discomfort. Do people know how good these Pianote headphones are?”

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Enhance your playing experience.

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The Pianote Concert Series headphones with its 50mm neodymium transducers offer you an unrivaled frequency response and total comfort that allows you to have an optimal listening experience.