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10 minutes/day for 30 days.

Better chord changes.
Play 2 beautiful songs.

Flexible lesson times to fit any schedule
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You’ll sound like THIS
after just 30 days.

Hear the difference between your first and final lesson. And it only takes 10 minutes a day.
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We’ll start slow. Here’s what you’ll be playing in your first lesson.

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After 30 days, you’ll be playing this beautiful song. All you have to do is follow along.

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Why chords?

We’re so glad you asked…

Chords are the foundation of music.

All music (even classical) is made from chords. The songs you love to listen to and play are little more than chord progressions with a melody on top. When you know how to play beautiful chord progressions, your playing will sound better, you’ll be more confident, and you’ll have more fun.

And no, you don’t need to understand any complex theory.

Easy Chords will bridge the gap between knowing about chords, and actually being able to use them. You’ll learn popular progressions, chord inversions, and rhythms to enhance your playing and take you beyond a beginner.

And it only takes 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week.

That’s less time than it takes for a trip to the grocery store.

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Log in. Press play. Follow along.

It really is that simple. In just 10 minutes a day, you’ll build the skills and muscle memory to play beautiful music.

And it will NEVER feel like practice.
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Never feel lost.

Knowing what and how to practice is half the battle of getting better. But you’ll never have to worry, because all the lessons ARE your practice sessions. Every day just press play and follow along.

Stop wasting time.

It’s precious, so don’t waste it. Each lesson is only 10 minutes and there’s a handy countdown timer so you can stay focused and get more results in a shorter time.

Stop wasting time.
Practice that’s actually fun.

Practice that’s actually fun.

You won’t be playing the same chords over and over again. You’ll be playing REAL music. You’ll sound beautiful, and it will never feel like practice.

Support from REAL teachers.

At every step, you’ll have REAL teachers helping you. Ask questions, get feedback, and connect with other students. You’re never alone.

Support from REAL teachers.
Lifetime access.

Lifetime access.

Easy Chords is yours for life. Even though we’ll be going through the course as a community, you’ll keep access to ALL the lessons forever. So you can go back and repeat anything you want to.

Go on, give it a try

Curious? Try a snippet from Day 1 and
see if Easy Chords is right for you.

tablet piano

At your piano? Hit play and try
some of the lesson from your first day.

Play More = Get Better.

It’s not rocket science.

The more you play, the better you’ll get. And it won’t cost the earth. For less than the cost of 2 private piano lessons, you’ll get 30 days of guided training to improve your playing. And once the course is over, the lessons are yours for life.


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Style 20 Play-Along Lessons In-Person Self-Directed Self-Directed
Length 30 Days Open Ended Open Ended Open Ended
Access Lifetime Access One-Time Varies Lifetime
Guarantee 90 days No Varies No
Investment $97 $50-$100
per lesson

logo ...is perfect for:

classical player
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Beginner piano players

Know a few chords, but struggling to feel confident playing them? Or are you wondering what chord inversions are and how to practice them? With Easy Chords, you’ll move past the beginner stage and start sounding better.

classical player
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Intermediate piano players

Chord progressions sound better using inversions. Master your 1st and 2nd inversions to help you change chords more smoothly and sound more professional. Train your ear to hear more common chord progressions used in music.

classical player
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Classical piano players

Scared to break away from the safety of sheet music? Easy Chords will transform your understanding of composition and song structure. You don’t need notes on the page to play beautiful music. This will change everything.

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Lisa Witt

Piano chords changed my life.

I grew up learning classical piano through the Royal Conservatory. I didn’t know what chords were, or how they were used in composition.

I just had to read the notes on the page and play them.

That all changed the day I discovered chords and chord inversions.

Suddenly I could start improvising, creating my own rhythms and melodies, and eventually write my own music. Music became something I “created” rather than something I “played”.

Chords gave me the ability and confidence to do what we all dream of doing…

Sit down at the piano and “just play”.

If you’ve ever dreamt of playing popular songs for your family and friends without spending months learning every note. Or if you’ve ever wanted to explore improvisation and song-writing. Or if you just want to sit and play the keys and see what comes out…

You need to try Easy Chords.

Over 30 days, I’ll guide you through the stages I used to learn and feel comfortable playing piano chords. You’ll discover how chord inversions will transform your playing and make it easier to play the songs you love.

Come join me.

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What students are saying about
Lisa and her teaching style:

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Jess Ripley
California, USA
“Pianote is an insanely encouraging and supportive community run by an insanely encouraging and supportive team. Sincerely, I’m blown away by the program you’ve created.

I sat down one day and it just clicked. From then on, I’ve felt VERY encouraged to keep learning and practicing. It’s fulfilling and fun to see myself progress and achieve goals. Now I’m playing with both hands at the same time with confidence – and I’ve started playing along with more backing tracks and making up my own songs.”

testimonial 1

Serena Dorward
Ontario, Canada
“I decided to sign up with Pianote not only to re-learn how to play the piano, but also because my mental health was really suffering and I needed something positive to focus on that was just for ME. I knew almost immediately that this was the answer I had been looking for. It felt like the heaviness on my shoulders got a bit lighter after every piano session. And even though the lessons are virtual, it was like Lisa was right there beside me cheering me on.

I was blown away by how quickly I progressed with a few tutorials from Lisa. My overall confidence improved, especially with improvisation. Now I know all these little tricks (fills & riffs) and how to play inversions and practice chords in ways that sound so lovely. If I had been taught this way as a child, I probably never would have quit.”

testimonial 2

Jayde McIntosh
“I’ve been chronically ill for the last six years, which means I’ve had to give up on a lot of my dreams and goals.

During my health journey, my interest in piano and my connection to music really arose – but it also seemed impossible. I had no prior music knowledge and couldn’t even get out of bed some days. This is when I discovered Pianote and they’ve been amazing.

I have to work at a very slow pace due to my health, but I’ve already learned so many basics. I can play some of my all-time favorite songs – and it’s just so awesome to know I can learn from home and accomplish one of my dreams. I’m so excited to keep learning and I recommend Pianote so much.”

testimonial 3

Ian Kershaw
United Kingdom
“When I signed up for Pianote, I knew I was going to get Lisa’s great energy, the Method, the courses, the bootcamps, and the student reviews.

But my breakthrough came when I realized that sitting behind all of this is such a fantastic and welcoming, supportive student community. It’s this community – as well as the teachers and the rest of the Pianote team – that really actively encourages you to share your progress and practice. And it doesn’t have to be perfect. And that really does encourage you to practice more. And it’s in that sharing and practice that the real breakthroughs come. Thank you!”

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Join 6,645 piano players who
have already registered.

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The guarantee that lasts
longer than the course.

Easy Chords will make you a better piano player in just 30 days. And we’re so confident that you’ll love the results, you’ll have 90 days to put us to the test. That’s enough time to go through the course 3x over before deciding if it’s worth the money. Because if you’re not happy with the results, then you shouldn’t have to pay. Simply let us know within 90 days and you’ll receive all your hard-earned money back. It’s our promise.

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