The Little Book Bundle by Pianote
Three little books to improve your chording, technique, and arpeggios
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Only $21

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They might be little, but they’ll make a BIG difference to your piano playing.

The Little Book Bundle features 3 little books that will improve your chording, technique, and arpeggios. You know, the things that matter when you’re playing the piano!

These aren’t big curriculum books.

They’re the books you flip open when you’re short on time. Or when you’re looking for a new warmup or technique exercise.

Here’s what you’ll get.

The Little Book of Hanon

Hanon has been the gold standard of piano technique exercises for 200 years. We’ve taken our 20 favorite exercises and broken them down into a small, easy-to-use reference.

The Little Book of Chord Progressions

All music is chord progressions. In this little book, we’ve compiled the top 14 chord progressions you’ll find in popular music.

You’ll get diagrams for each one as well as notated chord pathways. Use these chords to start playing your favorite songs (or write your own).

The Little Book of Arpeggios

Arpeggios are beautiful. They instantly transform your playing from basic to beautiful. And while they can sound daunting, they’re quite simple.

This book will show you how to play arpeggios from ANY key (with fingering) and give you our top 3 arpeggio patterns. Start using just one of these patterns -- and you’ll elevate your sound.



SIZE: 8.5"x5.5"

PAGES: 22-32 pages per book