Only 216 made. Solid flamed maple case. Precision German manufacturing. Handcrafted.



So beautiful - you’ll
WANT to use it.

Most metronomes collect dust.
This one demands attention.

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    Precision Timing So You’re Always On Beat

    The Swiss make watches. The Germans make metronomes. And Wittner makes the best. Cheap metronomes don’t keep time. With this metronome - every beat is perfect.

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    Hand-Numbered & One-Of-A-Kind

    Each Prestige Metronome is hand-numbered, and there are only 216 in the world. Your metronome is one-of-a-kind, and you can feel proud having it in your practice space.

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    Solid Flamed Maple Wood Casing

    Chosen by Horst Wittner himself, this beautiful white maple features a perfect flamed grain that’s not found on any other metronome in the world. No plastic here.

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    Adjustable Tempos For Any Song

    Changing tempos is easy with this metronome. Find the tempo you want on the tempo chart, and simply slide the adjustable weight until it clicks to the right tempo. The old ways are still the best ways.

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    Hand-Wound and Battery-Free

    Like the best watches, this metronome doesn’t take batteries. Instead, you’ll find a hand winder on the side to set the internal gears in motion.

Make every beat perfect.

This is the metronome you could set your watch to.

Wittner has been hand-making metronomes in Germany since 1895, setting the standard for precision manufacturing and timekeeping. Four generations later, the company is still family-owned and operated.

The Prestige Flamed Maple Metronome features handcrafted German timekeeping, ensuring every beat is uniform and perfect.

Set your tempo. Then start practicing.

Elton John couldn’t get one of these.

The Prestige Flamed Maple Metronome might be the most exclusive metronome in the world.

Only 216 were made and each one is hand-numbered.

The only way to get one is to be a Pianote Member. Even Elton John couldn’t get one (unless he decided to join Pianote).

But you can.

The last metronome
you’ll ever buy.

Get the Rolex of metronomes. And never buy another one again. This is the metronome you’ll give to your children one day.

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The best metronome deserves
the best guarantee.

Wittner makes the best metronomes in the world.

And that means you can be safe knowing your Prestige Flamed Maple Metronome will last years and years. But just in case the unthinkable happens, and something goes wrong…

You’ll be protected by Wittner’s 2-year guarantee.


Keep perfect time with this handcrafted, German-made Wittner metronome.
Limited to 216.



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