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Simple steps to transform your
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All music uses chords.

Even classical music that’s 100s of years old.

Chords are the foundation of music. When you understand and can play chords — you’ll be able to play the songs you love easier, with more confidence.

Beyond that — chords allow you to start writing your own music and improvising on the piano.

It all comes down to chords.

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Simple steps to
transform your playing.

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Why Chords Are Powerful

All music is chords. You’ll learn why chords are one of the most important concepts in music, and how YOU can use chords to play your favorite songs, and even write your own music.


How Chords Are Made

Chords are NOT a big mystery. They follow formulas and those formulas never change. Unlock the formulas behind the most common chords you’ll play in popular music.

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step 3

Chord Inversions 101

Inversions can be scary and a little confusing. But they open up the keyboard in an entirely new way. The concept behind them is simple. And the result — is powerful. You’ll get tips to practice and master your chord inversions so they’ll become second nature.


“Sus” Chords Explained

“Sus” chords are “suspended” chords that replace one of the notes to create a beautiful, open sound that leads wonderfully into a resolution. Knowing what they are is one thing. You’ll learn how and where to use them.

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step 5

Slash Chords Explained

No, we’re not talking about a famous guitarist. Slash chords can trip up beginner players, but a little bit of knowledge will add a new weapon to your chord arsenal. Slash chords add new bass notes to change the sound of the chords you’re playing.


How To Build 7th Chords

Go beyond basic chords to start sounding more sophisticated and complex. You’ll be shown how to play all the different types of 7th chords and get a cheat sheet to learn some beautiful progressions using 7th chords.

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step 7

Reading Chord Charts & Lead Sheets

Why do you learn chords? To play songs! It’s time to take what you’ve learned and see how it will make playing your favorite songs so much easier. You’ll be able to approach any chord chart or lead sheet with confidence.


Finding Chords in Sheet Music

What if the music doesn’t have chord names? No problem. You’ll learn how to find chords “hidden” in sheet music. Even classical music is based on chords (like Für Elise). And after this lesson, you’ll never look at sheet music the same way again.

step 8
step 9

Write Your Own Chord Progressions

It’s time to take everything you’ve learned and write your own music. But you won’t be alone. We’ll help you start writing your own beautiful chord progressions and exploring melodies. Your relationship with music and the piano will change once you start creating and expressing yourself.


Practice tools to
guarantee success.

Practice-Along Exercises

Never feel lost. You’ll always know what to practice - when.

Downloadable Cheat Sheats

Print every exercise + chord formulas to see better results.

Personal Support

Get help and answers from REAL teachers.

meet lisa!

Lisa Witt

I know what it’s like to struggle on the piano.

I have a short attention span, and learning to read music was like trying to understand a language that made no sense to me.

But what I’ve realized is that the traditional approach to piano lessons is not the only way to learn. We’re all different. And as a teacher, I’ve made it my mission to take the fear out of learning the piano — and prove that YOU can do this.

Even if you don’t believe me.

It’s why I’m so excited about this course - because it’s going to show you what’s possible.

I hope you’ll give me a chance to do that.
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Simple steps to transform your
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