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Lisa and Amberly

The piano (and keyboard) is the glue that holds worship bands together. From song introductions and transitions to backing music during prayer and altar calls, the piano sets the tone and space inside church.

The needs of a church pianist are unique - there isn’t really any other environment like it. That means the skills are unique. This training pack has been specially designed for worship piano inside a church setting.

If you’ve been wanting to learn the piano to help serve your church but didn’t know how — this training pack will equip you to start playing and serving in the shortest time possible.

Equip yourself with this 10-lesson training pack

Click a lesson to see a short preview!

Welcome To The Piano

Your first piano lesson.
This is for total beginners. Even if you’ve NEVER touched a piano before. You’ll learn the keys, note names, and how to feel comfortable at the piano. You don’t need any prior knowledge or experience.

Chording 101

Everything you need to know to play chords.
Learn how to play major and minor chords on any key of the piano. From this ONE lesson, you’ll have the basic skills to start playing worship songs PLUS you’ll get a downloadable cheat sheet of all the major and minor chords.

How To Read
Worship Chord Charts

So you can start playing today.
Worship music uses chord charts (not sheet music). You’ll learn how to read worship charts that are used in church. Learn what all the symbols mean and how to match the chords to lyrics.

Advanced Chords

Start sounding better.
We’ll break down ALL the types of chords you’ll see in worship music in a way that’s simple and fun to understand, using real worship songs as examples. Learn the “cheats” and tips to make practicing (and performing) much easier.

Chord Inversions

The secret to sounding professional.
Basic chords are fine, but chord inversions will change the way you think about music (for the better!). You’ll sound more professional, play faster, and be more confident. Inversions will make the biggest difference in your playing.

Riffs & Fills

Fill space and add emotion.
Adding little riffs and fills can take a simple chord progression and transform it into something emotional. It’s a chance for you to express your heart and creativity. Learn some of my favorite fills that are easy to play, but sound much more complicated.

You’re Not Alone

How to play with other musicians.
A worship band is a dynamic thing, and it’s important to know how to fill your role. You’ll learn how to play in a band, including how to prepare and act during rehearsals. Most importantly, you’ll learn what NOT to play when there are other musicians on stage.

Sound Design

How to create that “worship piano sound”.
How do you make your piano or keyboard sound beautiful? Whatever instrument you’re using, you’ll learn how to create that “worship piano sound” using piano and pads.

Background Music

What to play under prayer and for an altar call.
Learn chord progressions and patterns that sound beautiful in the still moments. Whether it’s during prayer or even an altar call, you’ll have the skills to adapt to the situation and create a beautiful, welcoming atmosphere.

Seamless Transitions

How to play intros, outros, and shift between songs.
The greatest advantage of the piano (or keyboard) is its ability to help transition between songs. You’ll learn the simple ways to start and end songs, plus how to change between different key signatures and even tempos.

Know you’re good enough —
BEFORE you ever step on stage

Playing at church can be intimidating and scary. Even if you’ve played piano before.

Worship Piano takes the fear out of knowing if you’re good enough. That’s because you’ll be able to practice along with YOUR OWN worship band. Play along and get comfortable with other musicians, in your own home. Take a look:

Full Band Performance
Here’s a short sample of ONE of the backing songs that’s included with Worship Piano. This is the full band.

Full Band Without Piano
Here’s the same song with the piano removed. This allows YOU to join the band and feel comfortable.

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100 modern worship chord charts to get you started

This training pack is all about playing worship songs, so you’ll get 100 of the most popular worship chord charts that you can practice at home.

To see an example of a chord chart click here: Open PDF »

Practicing is the best way to get better and feel more confident and comfortable.

And these charts will allow you to practice and perfect the songs you’ll be playing in church, so you’ll be ready and prepared to play in church sooner.

Want to take a look? Here’s the entire list:

Michael W. Smith
Agnus Dei
Brenton Brown
All Who Are Thirsty
Amazing Grace
Chris Tomlin
Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)
Hillsong UNITED
Another In The Fire
Arms Of Love
Hillsong UNITED
As You Find Me
Hillsong/Darlene Zschech
At The Cross
Brooke Ligertwood
Awake My Soul
Passion/Chris Tomlin/Hillsong UNITED
Be Enthroned
Be Thou My Vision
Blessed Assurance
Beth/Matt Redman
Blessed Be Your Name
Vertical Worship
Bound For Glory
Marie Barnett
Kari Jobe
Breathe On Us
Vineyark UK/Brian Doerksen
Come Now Is The Time To Worship
Come Thou Fount
Phil Wickham
Doxology / Amen
Eagle's Wings
Bryan & Katie Torwalt
Emmanuel (God With Us Forever)
Bobby Strand
Ever Be
Brenton Brown
Everlasting God
Brian Doerksen
Faithful One
Faithful To The End
United Pursuit
Fill Me Up
For The Cross
For Who You Are
Chris Tomlin
Chris Tomlin
God And God Alone
Ian McIntosh/Jenn Johnson
God I Look To You
Marc Byrd
God Of Wonders
God So Loved
God You're So Good
Hillsong UNITED
Good Grace
Great Is Thy Faithfullness
Matt Redman
Heart Of Worship
Jesse Reeves
Here For You
Tim Hughes
Here I Am To Worship
Phil Wickham
Highest Praise
Hillsong UNITED
Holy Holy Holy (Hymn)
Chris Tomlin
How Great Is Our God
How Great Thou Art
Jesus Culture
How He Loves
I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever
I Give You My Heart
Vertical Worship
I WIll Follow
Keith Getty/Stuart Townend
In Christ Alone
It Is Well
Jesus I Need You
Chris Tomlin
Jesus Messiah
Jesus, Lover Of My Soul
Jason Ingram
King Of Heaven
Brooke Ligertwood
King Of Kings
King Of My Heart
Hillsong/Darlene Zschech
Let The Peace Of God Reign
Don Moen/Hosanna! Music
Let Your Glory Fall
Brian Johnson
Living Hope
Christy Nockels
Lord I Need You
Rick Founds (Paul Baloche Version)
Lord, I Lift Your Name On High
Mighty To Save
Reuben Morgan
My Redeemer Lives
No Longer Slaves
Hillsong UNITED
Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)
Jesus Culture
One Thing Remains
One Thirst And Hunger
Paul Baloche
Open The Eyes Of My Heart
Jake Stevens
Raise A Hallelujah
Cory Ashbury
Reckless Love
Brian Doerksen
Refiners Fire
Kari Jobe
Revelation Song
Forerunner Worship
Amanda Cook
Hillsong/Darlene Zschech
Shout To The Lord
Robbie Seay Band
Song of Hope (Heaven Come Down)
Michael W. Smith
Surrounded (Fight My Battles)
Thank You For Saving Me
Chris Brown
The Blessing
The Lion And The Lamb
Ralph Carmichael
The Savior Is Waiting (Hymn)
Graham Kendrick
There Is A Hope So Sure
Melody Green
There is a Reedemer
Lenny leBlanc/Hosanna! Music
There Is None Like You
Phil Wickham
This Is Amazing Grace
Darlene Zschech
Victor's Crown
Way Maker
Twila Paris
We Bow Down
Chris Tomlin
We Fall Down
What A Beautiful Name
What A Friend I've Found
Who You Say I Am
Hillsong UNITED
Whole Heart (Hold Me Now)
Chris Tomlin
Whom Shall I Fear
Vertical Worship
Worthy Worthy
Dennis Jernigan
You are My All In All
Amanda Cook
You Make Me Brave
Matt Maher
Your Grace Is Enough
Your Love Awakens Me
Show All

Fast results — so you can start playing right away

Modern worship music is not complicated. It’s not designed to be. After all, the goal is not “showing-off” or being flashy, it’s about helping people connect with God during times of worship.

Because of its beautiful simplicity, it’s easy to learn and start playing in church sooner. This won’t take you weeks or months to be ready. In fact, you might find yourself wanting to play within a few days of starting.

no guesswork
You’ll never be left guessing because every lesson is structured to teach you the right skills at the right time.

perfect for all levels
Even if you’ve never touched a piano before, you’ll learn the skills to play in church.

play real worship songs
You’ll be learning with REAL modern worship songs that are currently used in church.

downloadable resources
Helpful guides to download, print, and keep by the piano. Never forget what you’ve learned.

your own worship band
Practice along to the backing tracks and BE part of a worship band before ever stepping on stage.

support from real teachers
Ask your biggest questions and get personalized feedback from teachers.

the best online community
Meet other church piano players, share your experiences, struggles, and successes with other students.

yours forever
These lessons NEVER expire. Watch them again, and again, and again… (you get the point).

Meet your teachers


I’ve been a Worship Pastor at my local church for the past 4 years, having previously been a finalist on Canadian Idol.

As a Worship Pastor, I’m passionate about equipping musicians and worshippers with the ability to feel confident and comfortable in a team setting, no matter their experience or skill level.

Imperfections are ok! We all have them, and we’re all on the same journey to become better together.

At the end of the day, playing music at church is about worshipping God and not our individual ability or talent (1 Cor 10:31).

The most important thing is to HAVE FUN!

I’m so excited to help you develop your passion and desire to serve your church.

Amberly Amberly signature


I was classically trained in piano from a young age.

It wasn’t until I was about 13 years old and my church started a youth band that I learned that you could play songs WITHOUT having to read every single note on a page.

It started when my youth leader pointed at me and said, “You can play the piano, so you’re going to be our piano player.”

I was like HUH?!

He handed me a chord chart and said, “When you see the chord, play the chord.”

And the rest is history! Now I’m going to give you a LOT more instruction than I got at that time, but the point I’m trying to make is that playing in a church setting, using chord charts is actually really really attainable both for trained piano players AND newbies.

It’s not something to fear, and it becomes a huge blessing for you and your church.

And I would be so excited and honored to be a part of that journey for you.

Lisa Lisa signature

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We love our students. More than anything, we want you to enjoy a super-positive experience playing piano and come away from this feeling happy, equipped, and ready to serve your church. And that means we only want you to pay if you actually LOVE your piano lessons! So join below to try it out totally risk-free. If it’s not for you, simply cancel your membership within 90 days and contact support for a full refund.

Start playing piano or keyboard in your church.

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ONLY $99

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