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Jesús Molina  /  Improvisation  /  UPDATED Jan 11, 2023

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Intros hook a listener in. Outros make a song memorable. If you want your performance to be impactful, spend some time practicing your intros and outros!

In this lesson, Pianote Coach Jesús Molina shows us an epic intro and outro that will work with many different songs.

Don’t forget to download the lesson resources with these riffs notated:


Epic Intro

This intro is built on the I, V, and IV chords and will work with most ballads. Jesús demonstrates it in G Major:

Test it out with “Halo” by Beyoncé or “Someone You Loved” by Lewis Capaldi. (Psst: we have free tutorials if you want to learn these songs—just click on the hyperlink.)

🔥 🎹 PRO-TIP: To transpose this intro to any key you want, learn how to use the number system.

Intros are the signature of each song.

Jesús Molina

Epic Outro

You’ve probably heard a similar version of this outro before. It’s based on the IV, I, and ii7 chords:

Again, test this outro with a song you know.

Also try playing a straightforward scale as a run to end your outro. Jesús also adds a vi chord (Eadd2) after his outro.

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