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Pianote  /  Chord Progressions
Top 10 Piano Chord Progressions (And How They Work)
Everything you need to know about understanding, making, and playing chord progressions on the piano.

Pianote  /  Chord Progressions
The 2-5-1 Chord Progression: Beginner’s Guide
Everything you need to know about the 2-5-1 chord progression for jazz piano, including theory, how to use it, and how to practice it.

Lisa Witt  /  Arpeggios
Beginner’s Guide to Piano Arpeggios and Patterns
It might not be a fancy Italian noodle, but piano arpeggios are an essential element of piano music.

David Bennett  /  Chord Progressions
How to Make Your 1564 Chord Progressions Less Boring
The 1564 is a popular chord progression that appears everywhere. Make yours stand out and learn how to take it to the next level on the piano.

David Bennett, Pianote  /  Chord Progressions
14 Sad Chord Progressions
In the mood for something…moody? Here are 14 sad chord progressions to help you feel your feelings.

Lisa Witt  /  Chord Progressions
3 Beautiful and Famous Chord Progressions
Three famous and beautiful chord progressions to improvise over.

Pianote  /  Chord Theory
Chord Voicings for Beginners
What are chord voicings? Discover how you can make your chords more interesting and take them to the next level with these simple techniques.

Pianote  /  Chord Theory
Chord Symbols, Explained
Overwhelmed by chord symbols? Here’s a simple no-nonsense guide that decodes everything you need to know.

Lisa Witt  /  Chord Progressions
The Secret to Beautiful Chord Progressions
Pssst! The secret is inversions...

Lisa Witt  /  Practice
How to Practice Chord Inversions on Piano (The Fun Way)
Free backing track included. Learn how to practice chord inversions on piano in a way that's fun, engaging, and musical.

Kevin Castro  /  Chord Progressions
Top 3 Jazz Progressions for Piano
Rhythm changes. 2-5-1 cycle. Descending minor 9ths. 3 jazz progressions you should know plus practice resources.

Lisa Witt  /  Arpeggios
10-Minute Arpeggio Practice in F-Sharp Minor
An epic arpeggio practice lesson with a downloadable backing track that will make your practice session sound like a movie!

Lisa Witt  /  Chord Progressions
Take Your Piano Chords to the Next Level (Beginner Lesson)
If you’ve learned your root position triads, congratulations! This is a MAJOR step in your piano journey. Chords and chord progressions are the foundation of music, so you’re well on your way to becoming a well-rounded piano player and musician. At this point, you can probably look at a lead sheet and “strum” the chords […]

Lisa Witt  /  Arpeggios
3 Essential Arpeggio Patterns
Beautiful arpeggios are a staple of piano music. Learn three popular arpeggio patterns to use in your accompaniments.

Lisa Witt  /  Chord Progressions
Try These 3 Beautiful Minor Chord Progressions
String together some minor chords to create some truly beautiful progressions. Try these 3 minor progressions on the piano.

Kevin Castro  /  Ear Training
How to Identify Chords by Ear on the Piano
Want to learn how to identify chords by ear on the piano? Practice associating chords with songs and playing progressions.

Sangah Noona, Lisa Witt  /  Arpeggios
Beautifully Simple Arpeggios (Beginner Piano Lesson)
Everyone loves arpeggios! They sound beautiful, impressive, and nearly every genre of piano music has them. In this lesson, Pianote Coach Sangah Noona shows us how to play arpeggios in a brilliantly simple way. It’s so easy…but it sounds so pretty! What’s Sangah’s secret? The answer: slash chords. Slash chords look like this on a […]

Kevin Castro  /  Chord Theory
The Ultimate Chord Hack
Simple techniques to get more colour and texture out of basic triads. Beginner piano lesson with Pianote's Kevin Castro.

Sangah Noona  /  Chord Theory
Create Drama With 3 Chords 🎭
Play dramatic piano using just three chords, all of which can be thought of as a variation on one chord. Taught by Sangah Noona.

Erskine Hawkins  /  Chord Progressions
The Gospel Piano Chord Progression You Need to Know
Erskine Hawkins introduces you to the Root Movement Hotline! It's a "phone number" that represents a super popular gospel chord progression.

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