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Pianote  /  Technique
How Piano Pedals Work
What do the pedals on a piano do? The sustain/damper, sostenuto, and una corda pedals explained.

Kevin Castro  /  Styles
How to Play Jazz Piano for Beginners: Learn These Skills First
Learn how to play jazz piano: rhythm, progressions, how to read lead sheets, and more. Downloadable resources included.

Kevin Castro  /  Styles
How to Play Blues Piano: Beginner’s Guide
Learn how to play blues piano, including the 12-bar blues structure, swing rhythms, and improvising using the major and minor blues scales.

Lisa Witt  /  Arpeggios
3 Essential Arpeggio Patterns
Beautiful arpeggios are a staple of piano music. Learn three popular arpeggio patterns to use in your accompaniments.

Erskine Hawkins  /  Styles
You Can Make Any Song Sound Gospel
Watch gospel pianist Erskine Hawkins transform hits like "Don't Stop Believin'" and "Sweet Child O' Mine" into gospel hits.

Kevin Castro  /  Styles
5 Levels of Boogie Woogie
How to play boogie woogie piano—ideas for five levels, from beginner chords all the way to impressive advanced licks.

Sangah Noona, Lisa Witt  /  Arpeggios
Beautifully Simple Arpeggios (Beginner Piano Lesson)
Everyone loves arpeggios! They sound beautiful, impressive, and nearly every genre of piano music has them. In this lesson, Pianote Coach Sangah Noona shows us how to play arpeggios in a brilliantly simple way. It’s so easy…but it sounds so pretty! What’s Sangah’s secret? The answer: slash chords. Slash chords look like this on a […]

Erskine Hawkins  /  Chord Progressions
The Gospel Piano Chord Progression You Need to Know
Erskine Hawkins introduces you to the Root Movement Hotline! It's a "phone number" that represents a super popular gospel chord progression.

Kevin Castro, Lisa Witt  /  Styles
Boogie Woogie 101
Learn the ins and outs of boogie woogie, an upbeat, blues-like and piano-centric genre that's sure to impress!

Sangah Noona  /  Styles
3 Ways to Sound Jazzy on the Piano
Add a pizazz of jazz to your piano playing with three easy techniques: bass walking, comping rhythm, and adding tensions.

Pianote  /  Styles
Piano Styles & Genres
How many styles of piano playing do you know? The piano plays a central role in so many different music genres. Explore them all.

Sangah Noona  /  Styles
Tango Piano 101
Spice up your piano playing with some tango rhythms! In this lesson, Sangah Noona shows you how to play two iconic tango patterns.

Jesús Molina  /  Play Faster
The Jesús Molina Speed Challenge
Learn how to play lightning fast with this quick speed challenge tip from world-renowned piano player Jesús Molina.

Pianote  /  Styles
Top 10 Gospel Piano Songs (and How to Play Them)
With a few tools and skills, you can learn to play gospel piano songs like "Amazing Grace," "Oh Happy Day," "I'll Fly Away," and more.

Lisa Witt  /  Technique
How to Sing While Playing Piano: 5 Tips
Learning how to sing while playing piano isn't easy, but it's SO fun and is a super useful and beneficial skill.

Lisa Witt  /  Practice
3 Classical Piano Exercises for Master Playing
Want to play Rachmaninoff? Then you need these classical piano exercises! Classical piano is all about having good technique. If you want to master your favorite pieces, there’s no going around it: you gotta eat your vegetables (meaning: practice your scales!). In this lesson, we’ll share three types of exercises (scales, arpeggios, and Hanon exercises) […]

Pianote  /  Styles
How to Play Pop Songs on Piano: The Pianote Guide to Pop Piano
A complete guide on how to play pop songs on the piano, including essential skills and ingredients as well as the history of pop piano.

Lisa Witt  /  Hand Independence
Easy Piano Exercise for Playing with 2 Hands
Playing piano with both hands at once is one of the toughest skills to learn in piano. Here's an easy exercise to help you master it.

Lisa Witt  /  Technique
Piano Target Practice 🎯
One of the most important skills you need as a piano player is accuracy. Here are three exercises to help you build eagle-eye accuracy!

Sam Vesely  /  Arpeggios
3 Beautiful Arpeggio Exercises
The Pitter-Patter. The Mind Bender. The Dreamscape. 3 beautiful arpeggio exercises to help you sound and feel like a pro.

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