Erskine Hawkins  /  Musical Genres
The Gospel Piano Chord Progression You Need to Know
Erskine Hawkins introduces you to the Root Movement Hotline! It's a "phone number" that represents a super popular gospel chord progression.

Kevin Castro, Lisa Witt  /  Musical Genres
Boogie Woogie 101
Learn the ins and outs of boogie woogie, an upbeat, blues-like and piano-centric genre that's sure to impress!

Lisa Witt  /  Practice
A Complete Practice Routine in D Minor
A 15-minute piano practice routine in the key of D Minor that includes scales, chords, arpeggios, improvisation, and a bonus piece!

Sangah Noona, Lisa Witt  /  Practice
Piano Ideas When You Don’t Feel Like Practicing
Don't feel like practicing? Just play something. Anything. Sangah Noona and Lisa Witt offer some creative ideas.

Sangah Noona  /  Musical Genres
3 Ways to Sound Jazzy on the Piano
Add a pizazz of jazz to your piano playing with three easy techniques: bass walking, comping rhythm, and adding tensions.

Sangah Noona  /  Rhythm
Tango Piano 101
Spice up your piano playing with some tango rhythms! In this lesson, Sangah Noona shows you how to play two iconic tango patterns.

Jesús Molina  /  Play Faster
The Jesús Molina Speed Challenge
Learn how to play lightning fast with this quick speed challenge tip from world-renowned piano player Jesús Molina.

Lisa Witt  /  Practice
3 Classical Piano Exercises for Master Playing
Want to play Rachmaninoff? Then you need these classical piano exercises! Classical piano is all about having good technique. If you want to master your favorite pieces, there’s no going around it: you gotta eat your vegetables (meaning: practice your scales!). In this lesson, we’ll share three types of exercises (scales, arpeggios, and Hanon exercises) […]

Lisa Witt  /  Technique
The Most Beautiful Piano Warm-Up Exercises
Warming up at the piano doesn't have to feel like a chore. Learn how to use beautiful, song-like warm-ups to strengthen your skills.

Lisa Witt  /  Practice
The Ultimate Morning Practice Routine ☕
Whet your appetite for practice with this fun, easy-going morning piano practice routine designed to get you excited about music.

Lisa Witt  /  Hand Independence
Easy Piano Exercise for Playing with 2 Hands
Playing with both hands is one of the trickiest skills to master when you’re learning how to play piano. People often say their brain knows what to do, but their hands won’t listen! Hand independence exercises can be frustrating, so in this lesson, I’ll show you five exercises that are super simple yet effective. And […]

Lisa Witt  /  Technique
Piano Target Practice 🎯
One of the most important skills you need as a piano player is accuracy. Here are three exercises to help you build eagle-eye accuracy!

Lisa Witt  /  Practice
Piano Practice Routine for Beginners (Not Boring)
One of the hardest things for beginners is knowing what and how to practice…and how to make it not boring. Fix that with this routine!

Sam Vesely  /  Technique
3 Beautiful Arpeggio Exercises
The Pitter-Patter. The Mind Bender. The Dreamscape. 3 beautiful arpeggio exercises to help you sound and feel like a pro.

Kevin Castro  /  Rhythm
How to Play the Most Popular Piano Montuno (Latin Progression Lesson)
This Latin piano progression (montuno) is SO iconic. And our friend Kevin Castro is back with a tutorial on how to master it yourself! This progression is technically called a montuno, and the bass is called a tumbao. A word of warning: there’s a lot of syncopation here. So, if you’re not familiar with Latin […]

Lisa Witt  /  Practice
Don’t Know What to Practice? Practice This!
If you don't know what to practice on the piano, practice THIS. Combine chord and scale practice and master the ingredients to your song.

Lisa Witt  /  Hand Independence
The Most Important Piano Exercises
Three core piano exercises to boost your speed, improve hand independence, develop control, and make you a stronger player.

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