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Pianote  /  Scales and Keys
Modes: A Friendly Guide
A no-nonsense, beginner-friendly guide on what modes are, how they work, and—most importantly—how to use them.

David Bennett  /  Rhythm Theory
7 Common Time Signatures Explained
Music theory expert David Bennett explains common time signatures in simple terms.

Jordan Rudess  /  Play Faster
How to Play Scales FAST 💨 (The Jordan Rudess Juilliard Approach)
Dream Theater's Jordan Rudess shares his secret to playing lightning fast scales.

Lisa Witt  /  Sight Reading
How to Get FASTER at Sight Reading Piano
Forget All Cows Eat Grass. Learn how to use patterns and landmark notes to get better at sight reading piano sheet music.

Lisa Witt  /  Theory
What Makes “Let It Be” Such a Good Song
Get a fascinating look at the music theory behind the Beatles’ “Let It Be” and what makes this timeless song so iconic.

Charmaine Li  /  Theory
Piano Intervals Explained (Music Theory 101)
Everything you need to know about piano intervals, a basic building block of music that will help you read music faster and develop a stronger ear.

Lisa Witt, Kevin Castro  /  Theory
What Makes Legend of Zelda Music So Good? ⚔️
Get into the musical world of The Legend of Zelda. Piano teachers Lisa Witt and Kevin Castro react to Koji Kondo’s masterpieces.

Pianote  /  Chord Theory
Chord Symbols, Explained
Overwhelmed by chord symbols? Here’s a simple no-nonsense guide that decodes everything you need to know.

Kevin Castro  /  Theory
Why River Flows In You Is So Popular: Theory Breakdown
Why makes Yiruma's song so beautiful and beloved? Kevin breaks down the theory behind the music.

Pianote  /  Theory
Music Theory Basics: What to Learn First
Theory is a lot, we get it! Here are the absolute fundamentals you should learn first.

Lisa Witt, Kevin Castro  /  Theory
Lisa and Kevin React to “Wish You the Best” (Lewis Capaldi)
Watch Lisa and Kevin react to Lewis Capaldi's newest hit "Wish You the Best" and break down what makes it such a powerful song.

Pianote  /  Scales and Keys
Piano Scales: Types of Scales & How to Apply Them
Piano scales are a fundamental part of learning piano. This article introduces main types of scales and why they're so important to practice.

Pianote  /  Scales and Keys
The Mighty Pentatonic Scale
The pentatonic scale is a tool for every piano player. Get the formula to create a pentatonic scale in any key and tips on how to use it.

Kevin Castro  /  Scales and Keys
Master the Blues Scale on Piano
The blues scale is one of the most useful tools you’ll use in piano. Learn how the blues scale works and how to improvise with it.

Lisa Witt  /  Scales and Keys
How to Sound Beautiful on the Piano With Pentatonic Scales
Beginners can sound amazing on the piano. Try this simple improvisation exercise using the Dm pentatonic scale and let your imagination go.

Pianote  /  Sight Reading
Can you read music? Take this quiz and find out!
Why does Every Good Boy Deserves Frenchfries?

Pianote  /  Sight Reading
Piano Notes: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Reading Music
Everything you need to learn how to read piano notes, including tricks and tips to read sheet music quickly and fluently.

Lisa Witt  /  Theory
Are These Music Theory Rules Even Necessary?
The invisible bar line rule, double sharps, double flats, and more...some music theory rules don't make sense. Or do they?

Lisa Witt  /  Theory
Major Songs in Minor Keys! (Minor Key Concepts)
What do major songs sound like in minor keys? Take a listen and learn all about the theory behind transposing songs to minor keys.

Lisa Witt  /  Scales and Keys
Piano Technique Made Easy
Tips on how to practice scales, chords, arpeggios, and more on the piano without wasting time and getting bored!

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