Lisa Witt  /  Hand Independence
Easy Piano Exercise for Playing with 2 Hands
Playing piano with both hands at once is one of the toughest skills to learn in piano. Here's an easy exercise to help you master it.

Lisa Witt  /  Hand Independence
Top 3 Left-Hand Piano Exercises
Time to get that left-hand into shape! We've got the top 3 left-hand piano exercises to get you playing your best!

Lisa Witt  /  Hand Independence
De-Stupefy Your Left Hand
Train your brain with these techniques for improving your left-hand coordination on the keys! The ambidextrous Lisa Witt shows us some handy exercises to get you playing smarter and faster with both hands.

Lisa Witt  /  Hand Independence
Hand Independence Exercises For Beginners
Hand independence exercises are one of the hardest things to come to terms with when learning the piano... How can you improve??

Lisa Witt  /  Rhythm
3 Left-Hand Piano Rhythms
Add these 3 left-hand piano rhythms to your playing to make it more interesting and musical.

Lisa Witt  /  Hand Independence
Play Piano With Both Hands
A beginner's guide to get your fingers to listen to your brain! These simple tips will help you gain confidence and the skills to play hands together.

Lisa Witt  /  Hand Independence
Should You Practice Contrary Motion Scales?
How contrary motion scales could be the "secret sauce" in your practice routine.

Lisa Witt  /  Hand Independence
How To Make Your Left Hand Sound Awesome On The Piano
Does your left hand suck? It's time to change that. Improve your left hand skills with these accompaniments.

Lisa Witt  /  Hand Independence
Make Your Left Hand Cooperate On The Piano
Left hand stepping out of line? Reel it back in and make it cooperate.

Lisa Witt  /  Hand Independence
Using The Blues To Build Hand Independence
Learn 2 amazing things at once.

Lisa Witt  /  Arpeggios
Sound Like A Pro With These Left Hand Arpeggio Patterns
Find a new pattern to improve your playing.

Lisa Witt  /  Hand Independence
4 Left Hand Tricks For Connecting Your Chords
Make those chord changes smoother and sound better with these 4 tips.

Cassi Falk  /  Hand Independence
Hand Independence Boot Camp
Are you ready? Report for duty and work that left hand. Warning -- it's not a walk in the park!

Lisa Witt  /  Hand Independence
Hand Independence For Beginners
The #1 challenge for most players. Here's how to play hands together.

Lisa Witt  /  Hand Independence
Left Hand Beginners Boot Camp
You left hand doesn't have to be weak. Get it into shape with this boot camp.

Lisa Witt  /  Hand Independence
How To Make Your Left Hand Better at the Piano
All hands are created equal. Let's make that a reality.

Jordan Leibel  /  Hand Independence
3 Left Hand Piano Patterns For Beginner Players
Start developing your left hand with these patterns.

Jordan Leibel  /  Hand Independence
Left Hand Playing Made Easy
Simple ways to build a stronger left hand.

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