How To Play "Someone Like You" On The Piano

Bust out this EPIC power ballad to soothe your heartbreak

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We all need a power ballad at some point in our life. 


And few people do power ballads better than Adele.


“Someone Like You” was a huge hit for Adele, topping the charts in the UK, US, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand.


It’s a lot of fun to play and follows the sorts of chord progressions that are common in pop music, so it’s not too difficult.

The Chord Progression


Before we can get to THAT riff it really helps to know the chord progression behind it. It will make the riff much easier to learn because you'll already know the chords (and the riff is just broken chords).


The song is in the key of A and the intro and verse use the same 4-chord progression:


A - C#m - F#m - D


This just repeats again and again. One thing to note is that the A is in root position. The C#m is in 2nd inversion, and the F# is actually just F#-C#-F#. There is no A in the chord. Then the D is a regular D chord in 2nd inversion.


Now It's Time To Learn THAT Riff


I love this riff. It's what makes this song so iconic. If you sit down and start playing this riff, everyone will know what song you're playing.


The best part is that the riff is just the chords that you have already learned! They are just played in a broken format.


There is a pattern to play the riff, and that pattern is true for all the chords. That is bottom - middle - top - middle.


So for the A major chord, you'll play A - C# - E - C# over and over until it's time to change to the C# minor. Then you'll play G# - C# - E - C# over and over and so on.


And that is the main riff of the song -- and all of the verses. There are only a few more parts to learn. 


I break them all down in the video.


Remember, There Is Only One Adele


This song is so beautiful, emotional, and fun to play.


But don't feel bad if you can't sing it like Adele. Nobody can :)


But at least after watching this, you'll be able to play it like her.


Have fun!

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