Jesús Molina  /  Play Faster
The Jesús Molina Speed Challenge
Learn how to play lightning fast with this quick speed challenge tip from world-renowned piano player Jesús Molina.

Lisa Witt  /  Play Faster
3 Speed Exercises to Play Piano FAST
Want to learn how to play piano FAST? Here are three speed exercises to take your playing to the next level. One works for your fingers, another works your brain, and the third even incorporates chord progressions! But before we start…BONUS ASSIGNMENT. Can you guess who this composer is? Comment your guess on our YouTube […]

Lisa Witt  /  Play Faster
Play Piano Faster (In 5 Minutes!)
Do you feel the need for speed? I'm going to show you a lightning-fast exercise to help you play piano faster... In just 5 minutes!

Lisa Witt  /  Play Faster
Play Piano Faster
Everybody wants to play piano faster. But how do you do it? Here's a guided practice with tips and play-alongs to boost your speed.

Lisa Witt  /  Play Faster
3 Ways To Make Your Left Hand Faster
Build and strenghten that left hand so you can play faster.

Lisa Witt  /  Play Faster
Play This Beautiful Two-Handed Piano Crossover Run
The piano run that LOOKS (and sounds) way harder than it is to play. Learn this awesome two-handed piano crossover run.

Cassi Falk  /  Play Faster
Hanon – The Most Versatile Exercise On The Piano
Develop greater finger control, improve your speed and your dexterity.

Lisa Witt  /  Play Faster
Play The Piano FASTER!
Everybody wants to play faster. Here's how to do it...

Lisa Witt  /  Play Faster
Simple But Epic Piano Speed Run
Master this classical run to sound super impressive.

Cassi Falk  /  Play Faster
Get Faster Fingers
Boost your speed with these exercises.

Lisa Witt  /  Play Faster
Change Chords Faster On The Piano
Play faster, sound better. Chord inverions make it easy.

Lisa Witt  /  Improvisation
Right Hand Fills and Tricks On The Piano
Sound more impressive with these simple fills and riffs.

Lisa Witt  /  Play Faster
Piano Speed Drills: How to Play Faster with Accuracy
Speed kills. Learn how to tame it and play accurately.

Lisa Witt  /  Play Faster
How To Play Piano Scales – Hands Together
Playing scales hands together can be surprisingly challenging. Here's how to conquer the skill step-by-step.

Cassi Falk  /  Play Faster
How To Develop Dexterity At The Piano
Limber up your fingers to help you play faster and more in control.

Jordan Leibel  /  Play Faster
Piano Finger Speed Exercises
Playing piano fast is a great feeling. Here are 4 finger speed exercises to help you play faster and have more control.

Jordan Leibel  /  Play Faster
The 3-5-1 Piano Riff
A beautiful chord progression to inspire creativity.

Jordan Leibel  /  Play Faster
So You Wanna Play Like A Maestro?  
Dazzle your friend with this 3-finger riff.

 /  Play Faster
Piano Finger Speed Exercises
Play faster. Play better. Sound cooler. Be awesome.

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