3 Easy Coldplay Intros: Play Like Chris Martin!

Kevin Castro  /  Pop/Rock  /  Apr 23, 2023

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Coldplay has created some of the most iconic piano intros of all time. The intro to “Everglow” is my favorite, but “Clocks” and “The Scientist” are instantly recognizable for fans of popular music. In this tutorial, we’ll teach you how to play three easy Coldplay intros just like Chris Martin!

  1. Clocks
  2. The Scientist
  3. Everglow

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The opening to “Clocks” is one of the most recognizable Coldplay riffs of all time. It’s maybe the riff!

While it can sound complicated, the intro is just three chords in various inversions. If you’re new to inversions, check out our lesson on the topic here.

Your right and left hands will play the same notes, just with different fingering. Here’s a tip: lift the pedal when you switch between the chords. This will help prevent the riff from sounding too muddy.

The Scientist 🔬

The opening chords to “The Scientist” have such a unique and tasty flavor! You play them and listeners of Coldplay will instantly know which song you’re about to launch into.

On your left hand, you’ll play the root notes of each chord as a driving bass. Your right hand, meanwhile, will play the chords in different inversions. Listen to that Fsus2 chord…doesn’t it sound so nice?

The rhythm is pretty straightforward in this one, and to make it more interesting, try playing the downbeats in your left hand slightly louder than the offbeats.

> What Are Sus Chords?

Everglow 🌟

“Everglow” is probably my favorite out of all of these. It’s such a pretty song! The timing is a little tricky, and there’s more melody in this one, but we’ll break it down slowly in the video.

If you’re using sheet music and you find counting the rhythms challenging, try writing in the beats. Break everything down into its smallest components (like “1 e and a 2 e and a…”). For more support, check out our lesson on how to count complicated rhythms on the piano.

For those who prefer a more intuitive approach, just listen to the song a lot and think of the words of the song as you play.

I added a little riff that’s not part of the original studio recording but, I believe, connects the parts of the song very well.

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Kevin Castro is a graduate of the prestigious MacEwan University with a degree in Jazz and Contemporary Popular Music, and is the Musical Director and touring pianist for JUNO-winning Canadian pop star, JESSIA. As your instructor at Pianote, Kevin is able to break down seemingly complex and intimidating musical concepts into understandable and approachable skills that you can not only learn, but start applying in your own playing. Learn more about Kevin here.

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