Kevin Castro  /  Ear Training
Playing the Piano By Ear in 3 Easy Steps
Playing the piano by ear isn’t just for musical geniuses with perfect pitch. Anyone can learn this handy skill!

Kevin Castro  /  Rhythm
Piano Rhythm Exercises to Improve Your Sense of Rhythm
Piano rhythm exercises from easy to challenging to get you playing like a pro. Make your piano playing TIGHT.

Kevin Castro  /  Theory
Why River Flows In You Is So Popular: Theory Breakdown
Why makes Yiruma's song so beautiful and beloved? Kevin breaks down the theory behind the music.

Kevin Castro  /  Styles
How to Play Jazz Piano for Beginners: Learn These Skills First
Learn how to play jazz piano: rhythm, progressions, how to read lead sheets, and more. Downloadable resources included.

Kevin Castro  /  Pop/Rock
How to Play “Wish You the Best” by Lewis Capaldi
Make your audience cry by learning how to play the latest big hit from Lewis Calapdi, "Wish You the Best."

Kevin Castro  /  Pop/Rock
3 Easy Coldplay Intros: Play Like Chris Martin!
1. Clocks 2. The Scientist 3. Everglow. Learn 3 iconic Coldplay intros that are instantly recognizable by pop fans everywhere.

Kevin Castro  /  Styles
How to Play Blues Piano: Beginner’s Guide
Learn how to play blues piano, including the 12-bar blues structure, swing rhythms, and improvising using the major and minor blues scales.

Kevin Castro  /  Chord Progressions
Top 3 Jazz Progressions for Piano
Rhythm changes. 2-5-1 cycle. Descending minor 9ths. 3 jazz progressions you should know plus practice resources.

Kevin Castro  /  Pop/Rock
“Golden Hour” (JVKE) Piano Tutorial
Learn how to play "Golden Hour" by JVKE in this step-by-step tutorial with Kevin Castro of Pianote.

Kevin Castro  /  Song Tutorials
How to Play “Married Life” (Theme from “Up”) on Piano 🎈
Learn to play the Academy Award-winning theme from the Disney Pixar movie Up in this step-by-step tutorial (feat. Beckham as Dug).

Kevin Castro  /  Seasonal
“Christmas Time Is Here” (Charlie Brown Christmas) Piano Tutorial
Learn how to play "Christmas Time Is Here" on piano from A Charlie Brown Christmas in this step-by-step tutorial with Kevin Castro.

Kevin Castro  /  Film Scores
“Skyfall” (Adele) – James Bond Theme Piano Tutorial
Learn how to play "Skyfall," the James Bond theme on piano from the 2012 film in this step-by-step tutorial with Kevin Castro.

Kevin Castro  /  Ear Training
How to Identify Chords by Ear on the Piano
Want to learn how to identify chords by ear on the piano? Practice associating chords with songs and playing progressions.

Kevin Castro  /  Pop/Rock
How to Play “Don’t Stop Believin'” (Journey)
Learn how to play “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey step-by-step with Kevin Castro and get ready to belt with your friends.

Kevin Castro  /  Styles
5 Levels of Boogie Woogie
How to play boogie woogie piano—ideas for five levels, from beginner chords all the way to impressive advanced licks.

Kevin Castro  /  Ear Training
Ultimate Guide to Interval Ear Training: How to Play By Ear Using Intervals
Complete lesson on how to play piano by ear using interval ear training using popular reference songs and some practice ideas.

Kevin Castro  /  Chord Theory
The Ultimate Chord Hack
Simple techniques to get more colour and texture out of basic triads. Beginner piano lesson with Pianote's Kevin Castro.

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