How to Play “vampire” by Olivia Rodrigo – Piano Tutorial

Lisa Witt  /  Pop/Rock  /  UPDATED Feb 15, 2024

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“vampire” by Olivia Rodrigo is the latest pop-punk piano hit by the rising young star. What I love about this song is how dramatically it changes. We go from sweet and warm to intense and aggressive in a matter of seconds! You don’t normally get to hear such contrasting sounds in a piano ballad, but Olivia has done it!

Note for parents: in our video, we teach the song using clean lyrics, but I’ll be performing the song with its original words at the end of the video.


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Olivia Rodrigo “vampire” Piano Sheet Music

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“vampire” Chords

This song is built on just a handful of chords: F, A, Asus4, B♭, B♭m, Gm, C, Csus4. Here are diagrams of all the chords in root position:


Keyboard diagram with keys FAC highlighted in red and labelled.


Keyboard diagram with keys A-D-E highlighted in red and labelled


Keyboard diagram with keys Bb-Db-F highlighted in red and labelled


Keyboard diagram with keys C-E-G highlighted in red and labelled.


Keyboard diagram with keys A-C#-E highlighted in red and labelled.


Keyboard diagram with keys Bb-D-F highlighted in red and labelled.


Keyboard diagram with keys G-Bb-D highlighted in red and labelled


Keyboard diagram with keys C-F-G highlighted in red and labelled.

“vampire” is written in F major. So, if you want to improvise your own riffs and fills, remember to flat your Bs.

I wrote [“vampire”] on the piano, the original version, in December of last year, and I really liked it. I remember writing it and feeling like something special was there. And I took it to my producer Dan, and we finished it up together and rewrote some things and produced it. It was quite a long production — it’s pretty lush, so it took us a while. But I’m really happy with the way it came out.

Olivia Rodrigo (Source: Billboard)

Piano Playing Tips

  • Counting: The left-hand part can look confusing in the sheet music. To simplify things, think of your left hand as playing on the “and” of beats and you’ll have the basic idea down.
  • Fingering: There are a number of chord walk-ups in this song that require a re-adjustment of fingers. So, give yourself time to prepare for adjustments and look ahead! And use fingering that makes sense to you.
  • Easy version: If different chord shapes and inversions are new to you, you can still play this song using the root positions of the chords listed above the sheet music!
  • Have fun with contrasts: This song is chock full of moody fun. Experiment with dynamics, tempo, and solid and broken chords to suit the mood!

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