Lisa Witt, Pianote  /  Rhythm
How to Use a Metronome (And Make It Your Friend!)
Learn to love your metronome! Here’s how to use a metronome to become a better piano player...and not hate it in the process.

Lisa Witt  /  Arpeggios
Beginner’s Guide to Piano Arpeggios and Patterns
It might not be a fancy Italian noodle, but piano arpeggios are an essential element of piano music.

Lisa Witt  /  Practice
How to Practice Piano WITHOUT A Piano
Can you keep your piano skills sharp on vacation? YES! Here's how to practice piano without a piano.

Lisa Witt  /  Sight Reading
How to Get FASTER at Sight Reading Piano
Forget All Cows Eat Grass. Learn how to use patterns and landmark notes to get better at sight reading piano sheet music.

Lisa Witt, David Bennett  /  Improvisation
Piano Hacks: Tricks to Sound Awesome on the Piano
Learn some easy piano hacks to instantly sound awesome at the piano. Perfect for impressing people at parties.

Lisa Witt  /  Chord Progressions
3 Beautiful and Famous Chord Progressions
Three famous and beautiful chord progressions to improvise over.

Lisa Witt  /  Theory
What Makes “Let It Be” Such a Good Song
Get a fascinating look at the music theory behind the Beatles’ “Let It Be” and what makes this timeless song so iconic.

Lisa Witt  /  Classical
“Experience” Piano Sheet Music (EASY) & Tutorial
Learn how to play "Experience" by Einaudi with Lisa Witt. Download a beginner-friendly easy Experience piano sheet music.

Lisa Witt, Kevin Castro  /  Theory
What Makes Legend of Zelda Music So Good? ⚔️
Get into the musical world of The Legend of Zelda. Piano teachers Lisa Witt and Kevin Castro react to Koji Kondo’s masterpieces.

Lisa Witt  /  Classical
How to Play Nocturne in E-Flat Major (Chopin)
Chopin’s Nocturne in E-Flat Major is one of his most famous pieces. Play it yourself with this accessible simplified version and step-by-step tutorial.

Lisa Witt  /  Pop/Rock
How to Play “vampire” by Olivia Rodrigo – Piano Tutorial
Learn how to play the latest pop-punk piano hit in this step-by-step tutorial with Lisa Witt.

Lisa Witt  /  Chord Progressions
The Secret to Beautiful Chord Progressions
Pssst! The secret is inversions...

Lisa Witt, Kevin Castro  /  Theory
Lisa and Kevin React to “Wish You the Best” (Lewis Capaldi)
Watch Lisa and Kevin react to Lewis Capaldi's newest hit "Wish You the Best" and break down what makes it such a powerful song.

Lisa Witt  /  Classical
3 Easy Chopin Pieces (With Sheet Music)
1. Nocturne in E Flat Major 2. Prelude in E Minor 3. Waltz in A Minor.

Lisa Witt  /  Practice
How to Practice Chord Inversions on Piano (The Fun Way)
Free backing track included. Learn how to practice chord inversions on piano in a way that's fun, engaging, and musical.

Lisa Witt  /  Film Scores
How to Play “Mad World” (Gary Jules, Tears for Fears)
Learn how to play "Mad World" (Gary Jules/Michael Andrews, Tears for Fears) with this step-by-step tutorial from Lisa Witt at Pianote!

Lisa Witt  /  Arpeggios
10-Minute Arpeggio Practice in F-Sharp Minor
An epic arpeggio practice lesson with a downloadable backing track that will make your practice session sound like a movie!

Lisa Witt  /  Chord Progressions
Take Your Piano Chords to the Next Level (Beginner Lesson)
If you’ve learned your root position triads, congratulations! This is a MAJOR step in your piano journey. Chords and chord progressions are the foundation of music, so you’re well on your way to becoming a well-rounded piano player and musician. At this point, you can probably look at a lead sheet and “strum” the chords […]

Lisa Witt  /  Practice
Practice Routine for Absolute Beginners 📝
Don't know what to practice? Know exactly what to work on in this easy practice routine for absolute beginners!

Lisa Witt  /  Song Tutorials
“The Entertainer” (Scott Joplin) Easy Piano Sheet Music & Tutorial 🚚🍦
Learn how to play the ice cream truck song! Download free, easy "The Entertainer" (Scott Joplin) piano sheet music and check out our video tutorial.

Lisa Witt  /  Pop/Rock
3 Easy Beatles Piano Songs: Chords & Tutorials
1. Let It Be 2. Hey Jude 3. Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da.

Lisa Witt  /  Arpeggios
3 Essential Arpeggio Patterns
Beautiful arpeggios are a staple of piano music. Learn three popular arpeggio patterns to use in your accompaniments.

Lisa Witt  /  Chord Progressions
Try These 3 Beautiful Minor Chord Progressions
String together some minor chords to create some truly beautiful progressions. Try these 3 minor progressions on the piano.

Lisa Witt  /  Classical
3 Easy Classical Piano Pieces
Learn 3 easy classical piano pieces that sound pro: 1. Canon in D 2. Moonlight Sonata 3. Prelude in C Major

Lisa Witt  /  Scales and Keys
How to Sound Beautiful on the Piano With Pentatonic Scales
Beginners can sound amazing on the piano. Try this simple improvisation exercise using the Dm pentatonic scale and let your imagination go.

Lisa Witt  /  Classical
Turkish March (Mozart) – Free Sheet Music & Tutorial
Expert tips on how to play Mozart's "Turkish March" or "Rondo alla turca," one of piano's most iconic solo pieces.

Lisa Witt  /  Beginner Songs
4 Easy Songs for Beginner Piano Players
"The Scientist" by Coldplay. "Lean On Me" by Bill Withers. "As It Was" by Harry Styles. "Blinding Lights" by The Weeknd.

Sangah Noona, Lisa Witt  /  Arpeggios
Beautifully Simple Arpeggios (Beginner Piano Lesson)
Everyone loves arpeggios! They sound beautiful, impressive, and nearly every genre of piano music has them. In this lesson, Pianote Coach Sangah Noona shows us how to play arpeggios in a brilliantly simple way. It’s so easy…but it sounds so pretty! What’s Sangah’s secret? The answer: slash chords. Slash chords look like this on a […]

Lisa Witt  /  Film Scores
Interstellar Theme Piano Tutorial 🌌
Learn how to play the epic theme by Hans Zimmer from Christopher Nolan's science fiction masterpiece Interstellar.

Kevin Castro, Lisa Witt  /  Styles
Boogie Woogie 101
Learn the ins and outs of boogie woogie, an upbeat, blues-like and piano-centric genre that's sure to impress!

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