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The Major 9th Piano Chord

The Chord of Morning Light

Lisa Witt - Nov 26, 2018


Looking for that perfect chord to lighten the atmosphere? You need the Major 9th chord. 


It's simple to create. For example, to build a major chord based on C you would play C-E-G. Then, count 9 up from the root note (C) and you will have your 9th. So a C major 9th would be C-E-G-D.


Having the high D on top gives this chord its open and light sound making it a great chord to play when you want a ballad type of sound. Want to take it to the next level? Try adding in the major 7th for added effect.


It's a simple chord with a big effect. Perfect to add to your chord toolkit.


Have fun,


Lisa Witt

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