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Scott Bradlee  /  Articles
Scott Bradlee (Postmodern Jukebox) on Jazz, Nostalgia, and Surviving the Age of Algorithms
Why music from the 1920s is still relevant, and how to stay grounded in the chaotic 2020s.

Pianote  /  Articles
Piano Expert Writers Wanted
Are you a piano expert? Pitch us an article about music! Compensation available.

Pianote  /  Articles
Call for Submissions: Tell Us Your Piano Story!
Do you have an inspiring piano story? Tell us and share it with the world!

Pianote  /  Improvisation
How to Improvise on Piano: A Beginner’s Guide
Anyone can learn how to improvise on piano. You don't need perfect pitch or inborn talent, just technique and practice!

Charmaine Li  /  Articles
10 Easy Beethoven Piano Pieces (With Sheet Music)
10 easy Beethoven piano pieces for beginner and intermediate pianists to get started with playing music by the legend!

Charmaine Li  /  Articles
Alesis Recital Pro: The Best Affordable Digital Piano?
The Alesis Recital Pro retails at US$379 and includes 88 full-size weighted keys.

Pianote  /  Articles
Upright vs Grand Piano: Differences Explained
Upright vs grand piano: is one always better than the other? Not necessarily! Learn more about the difference and whether one is right for you.

Kevin Castro  /  Ear Training
Playing the Piano By Ear in 3 Easy Steps
Playing the piano by ear isn’t just for musical geniuses with perfect pitch. Anyone can learn this handy skill!

Pianote  /  Special Events
Announcing the Winners of the 2023 Pianote Awards!
The 2023 Pianote Awards are here!

Lisa Witt  /  Practice
How to Practice Piano WITHOUT A Piano
Can you keep your piano skills sharp on vacation? YES! Here's how to practice piano without a piano.

Pianote  /  Articles
How to Play More Songs in 2024
Goal-setting tips for achieving your piano goals in 2023. Plus: get more sheet music and learn more songs as a Pianote+ Member!

Lisa Witt, David Bennett  /  Improvisation
Piano Hacks: Tricks to Sound Awesome on the Piano
Learn some easy piano hacks to instantly sound awesome at the piano. Perfect for impressing people at parties.

Charmaine Li  /  Articles
Gifts for Piano Players: Holiday Gift Guide 2023
How to buy piano gifts, what to buy, and for whom. We take the guesswork out of buying gifts for piano players.

Pianote  /  Articles
How to Become a Music Therapist (Piano Jobs You Can Get)
Ever wonder how to become a music therapist? Olivia Maveal tells us what it takes, what the job is like, and its rewards and challenges.

Charmaine Li  /  Articles
Best Piano Books for Beginners – Adult Piano Method Book Reviews
We reviewed the best piano books for beginners including Faber, Alfred, Bastien, and more! Learn with the best adult piano method.

Lord Vinheteiro, Lisa Witt  /  Articles
Behind the 10 Most Overplayed Piano Songs
Overplayed piano songs may be annoying, but the stories behind some of them are actually quite interesting.

Charmaine Li  /  Articles
20 Great Piano Composers: The Best Classical Piano Music
Get to know some of the biggest piano composers in history. You probably know a piece or two by each of them!

David Bennett, Pianote  /  Chord Progressions
14 Sad Chord Progressions
In the mood for something…moody? Here are 14 sad chord progressions to help you feel your feelings.

Charmaine Li  /  Articles
50 Best Piano Songs of All Time (All Genres)
The most iconic piano-driven songs in history, from Franz Liszt to Hans Zimmer.

Pianote  /  Articles
6 Facts and 6 Questions With Snarky Puppy Keyboardist Justin Stanton
We caught up with keyboardist, trumpet player, and composer Justin Stanton of 5x Grammy Award-winning Snarky Puppy.

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