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Proper Hand Posture At The Piano

Lisa Witt - Oct 19, 2018

It's VERY important to have good hand posture at the piano. Otherwise, you are at risk of injury and strain. Let’s take a look at what good hand posture looks like.


Imagine you’ve got strings attached to the tops of your wrists. You are a marionette and your wrists are being pulled up slightly so you have a nice lift and buoyancy in your hands. Now, imagine there is a bubble beneath your hands and if you dip too low, you will pop the bubble. You don’t want that!


As a result of your wrists being lifted so nicely, your fingers sit on the keys with a nice curve to them. This means that you are playing with the tips of your fingers and NOT with flat fingers.


With flat fingers and low wrists, you won’t be able to move around on those keys as quickly. You will be clumsy AND you might hurt yourself.


Bad hand posture. Flat fingers and low wrists.


With curved fingers and raised wrists you can play more efficiently and effectively and avoid injury & strain.

Good hand posture. Wrists up and fingers curved.


It really is that simple! Check in with that hand posture, friends, and happy playing!



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Hi, I'm Lisa Witt

Lisa has taught in a variety of settings from beginners just getting started to recording artists preparing their songs for the road. While her background is classical, she loves helping students play the music they love by ear and is excited to be a part of YOUR journey.