Right Hand Fills And Tricks On The Piano

Make Your Playing Sound More Impressive With These Fills & Tricks

If you are ready to take your chording to the next level, all you need are some tricks for the right hand! Some fills, some riffs, some runs to make you sound like a total pro.


There are a few simple tricks that I use every single time I play. Let’s take a look at what they are.


The Sus Trill


This is where you take a simple sus chord and roll through it, sort of like a trill. For example, on the G chord, you play G-B-D as your notes. You can swap your 3rd for your 2nd and quickly roll back to resolve to the 3rd. This means you are playing G-A-D before quickly resolving that A to a B to bring you back to your chord. This simple trick will give your chord that little something extra. You don't want to use it with every single chord you play - just sometimes. Think of it as a 'spice' and use it in moderation.  In the video, I’ll give you more ways to expand on this simple trill that will help you to use it to move between your chords.


The Quick Chord Fill


For this trick you simply play the notes of the chord you are on in broken form between the beats as you transition between chords. This sounds best after the 2 or the 4 beat. Once again, you can see and hear this in the video lesson.


Travelling Hands 


Finally, you can take a little run higher up on the keys using the 1-2-3-5 notes of the scale/chord you are playing. So if you are on A major, you could take your hands up an octave or two and play A-B-C#-E for a lovely little run that will transition you to the next chord or measure.


These tricks can work wonderfully on their own or combined. You may even find that they inspire you to come up with your own unique ways to approach your chords. Watch the video, have fun exploring and comment below to let me know which trick is your favorite!


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