Lisa Witt  /  Chord Theory
How To Build A Chord On ANY Key
The secret formula to playing chords.

Lisa Witt  /  Reading Music
How To Read Ledger Lines (Fast & Easy)
Take your music reading outside the musical staff. Ledger Lines can look confusing but they're not too hard to understand.

Lisa Witt  /  Chord Theory
What Are Slash Chords?
Slash chords are amazing. They can totally change the sound and feel of a song. But they can be confusing.

Lisa Witt  /  Reading Music
I Suck At Reading Music
I've always struggled to read music. In fact, I had to repeat levels because I never learned to read the notes. Here's how I changed...

Lisa Witt  /  Scales
Is the Circle of 5ths Useless?
What is the Circle of 5ths and what's it for?

Sam Vesely  /  Chord Theory
Beautiful Piano Music With One Interval
Play beautiful piano music with the mysterious and often-overlooked Major 6th chord. We've got some quick tips and tricks for you.

Lisa Witt  /  Chord Theory
Pop vs. Classical: You Love Classical Music (You Just Don’t Know It)
Pop or classical? Why not both! The music you know and love takes a huge inspiration from classical pieces. Don't believe us? We'll show you!

Lisa Witt  /  Reading Music
How To Read Notes Part 2
One of the most important skill sets to have as a piano player is knowing how to read musical notes so you can learn to play songs you love.

Lisa Witt  /  Scales
How to Play Minor Scales on the Piano
Learn how to play minor scales on the piano to create your own beautiful sounds.

Lisa Witt  /  Theory
Piano Music Theory That’s Actually Useful!
A no-nonsense guide to piano music theory you can actually use. Build scales, build chords, understand rhythm, and play songs.

Cassi Falk  /  Rhythm Theory
Understanding Cut Time
You don't need scissors. Here's your intro to "Cut Time" and how it's used.

Lisa Witt  /  Practice
One Simple Riff To Sound Amazing
Want to sound amazing on the piano? All it takes is one simple riff and you'll be making beautiful music in no time.

Lisa Witt  /  Theory
How Music Affects Emotion
What we play can have amazing emotional influence on what we experience. Music affects emotion and meaning that changes your perspective.

Lisa Witt  /  Theory
Are These Music Theory Rules Even Necessary?
The invisible bar line rule, double sharps, double flats, and more...some music theory rules don't make sense. Or do they?

Lisa Witt  /  Reading Music
How To Read Notes
Learn to connect the dots on a page to the keys on the piano

Cassi Falk  /  Scales
Music Theory For The Dropouts #4 – Major & Minor Scales
The relationship between the major and minor scales is one of the most important relationships in music.  Once you understand it, everything is going to open up for you.   Since we’re talking about different scales, let’s take a look at the major scale formula and how the order of note pitches defines the major […]

Lisa Witt  /  Reading Music
Making Sense of Music Symbols (Piano Lesson)
Sharps, Flats, Naturals? Find out what they all mean and how to read them.

Cassi Falk  /  Reading Music
Music Theory For The Dropouts #3 – Music Symbols
As you’ve been learning all of these music theory techniques, you’ve probably come upon quite a few strange looking symbols.  So let’s take a look at some of the most common symbols you’ll find and what they mean musically.   The first symbols we’ll look at are types of dynamic markings (meaning they indicate where […]

Lisa Witt  /  Practice
4 Things Beginner Piano Players Should Practice
Beginner piano players! Here are 4 things that all beginner piano players should practice so you can see real improvements in your playing -- fast.

Lisa Witt  /  Chord Theory
Major vs. Minor Piano Chords – What’s the Difference?
What do they mean? How do you play them? What's the difference?

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